@rebeccataylorhair's Instagram page is packed with formulas and techniques created using some of...
@rebeccataylorhair's Instagram page is packed with formulas and techniques created using some of her favorite color lines, including her Trillion Tones by Rebecca Taylor.

If you keep up with hair colorists on Instagram, there's no doubt you're following @rebeccataylorhair: best-known for her vibrant, fashion-infused color effects and quality color education (also fun behind-the-scenes of her travel experiences around the world... and maybe some shenanigans with tiny hands).

Separately, we've been seeing the hashtag #trilliontones credited for incredible multi-hued color on Taylor's page and on the Instagram "explore" page for months now--if we were wondering what it's all about, surely you were to. 

SensiDo's Trillion Tones by Rebecca Taylor is marketed as a hybrid color line. "Not just direct dye, demi or permanent but all. It's the stylist's choice to create their own color unique shades."

With 16 SKUs, the tones and formula options can be completely customized allowing for endless (aka trillions!) of color creations.

Trillion Tones by Rebecca Taylor are direct-dye based, PPD-free hair color that can also be used as permanent color. They're designed to be used on all services, including gray-coverage, pastels, vibrant jewel-tones, natural blondes, permanent deposit on virgin hair, and more.

"Think of yourself as a painter, " Taylor says in the line's introduction video. "If you're mixing paint for your hair color, you have your canvas in front of you and then you have your easel--you can literally mix these tones with the very minimal SKU count and you can create anything that your imagination could possibly come up with."

After you poke Taylor's Instagram to see some her custom creations using Trillion Tones, you have to scope out the brand's "recipe" guide, of sorts, that includes allows colorists to not only see different formulations achievable, but also allows for an easier consultation with your client because it's so visual (you have to see it in action for yourself--click the link, trust us!).


Trillion Tones, she says in a post on Facebook, fades beautifully/on-tone, can be mixed with other color lines, lasts longer than a traditional direct dye because "it's a hybrid color: bold fashion color pigments that survive through oxidation and are driven into the cuticle/cortex instead of just being an overlay," she explains. The color, Taylor continues, won't bleed or transfer when rinsing, and can have muted, translucent or opaque qualities.

In addition to the customization benefits, the color is vegan, she says, cruelty-free, fragrance-free and has packaging that is 90% recyclable. "Literally trillions of color options just from bottles of red/yellow/blue/black/white/brown....the only limitation with Trillion Tones is your imagination," she says.

Learn more on Taylor's Instagram page, or at trilliontones.com.

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