Christine Butcher was looking for the benefits of employment and the freedom of being a solo...

Christine Butcher was looking for the benefits of employment and the freedom of being a solo artist. At the Salon by InStyle, she found both!


It’s a common dilemma for many stylists. If you choose to be a solo artist, you enjoy the creative and scheduling freedom of working on your own. But you’re also responsible for the dreary details of taxes, inventory, etc. And you must buy your own insurance and set up your own retirement plan. If you work for a salon, the business side is handled, but you forfeit the freedom of being your own boss. Happily, Christina Butcher believes she has found the best of both worlds at the Salon by InStyle!


Recently, Christina’s mom’s health began declining and her husband was stuck in a job he hated but was staying for the insurance. As a booth renter, she enjoyed the freedom to adjust her schedule to her clients’ needs, but there were no benefits. “When I started looking into salons near my mom in Lake City, FL I looked into The Salon by InStyle,” she recalls. “And they offered health insurance, paid time off, vacation, a 401k. I thought, ‘This is really cool!’ It’s all about the benefits, baby!”


As an established stylist, Christine immediately qualified for the company program which allows stylists to set their own schedules. It’s perfect for her! “I work a split shift,” she explains. “Three days a week, I come in at 9 a.m., I leave at 2 p.m., I come back at 4 p.m. and I work until whenever. On Saturdays, they let me open at 8 a.m. It's a fantastic program that I think more independent stylists should know about.”


Many of Christine’s clients are “curly girls”--they love her skill when it comes to cutting and styling their textured hair. “Some of my best days at work are when girls come in crying because they can’t manage their curls, and they leave crying because they’re so happy and beautiful,” she says. She says her salon team really gets behind her specialty, including her manager who tries to stock her favorite products for curly hair. “It’s important for me to be able to offer what will make my clients’ hair look good,” she notes.


Christine doesn’t know whether family obligations will require her to move away from Florida, and if so, she’s not keen on starting over client-wise. So she has begun to shadow her manager, figuring if she relocates, she could be able to apply for a management position with the company in another area. “If I ever have to move, rebuilding a book is just not going to happen in my late ‘40s or 50s,” she says. “Developing management skills gives me different opportunities.”


“I'm invigorated every day, because there's always something new, something changing, something that's coming in. I’ve only been with the company a few months, but I feel as if I’m discovering hair all over again!’”

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