Caralee Fox Pridemore accents this crown bushel braide with Hairtalk's Bang In fringe, custom...
Caralee Fox Pridemore accents this crown bushel braide with Hairtalk's Bang In fringe, custom colored by colorist Rachel Highfield.

A bushel braid is the current braid-of-the-moment making its rounds on Instagram, and we are not mad about it! Artist Connective member Caralee Fox Pridemore (@caraleestyles) explains how she and colorist Rachel Highfield (@hairbyraynhigh) collaborated on this beautiful, colorful look. 

After Highfield tuned the model's hair and extensions into a technicolor rainbow, Pridemore got to work.


STEP 1: Start by prepping the hair with a texture spray.

"I like to use Get Layered from Sexy Hair for additional texture and Sexy Hair's texture iron, as my model had fine hair," Pridemore says. "This also makes it easier to get your sections out when dividing them during the braid." 

STEP 2: Section the hair down the middle creating two pigtails. Pridemore uses clear elastics when working with multi-dimensional hair. 

STEP 3: Place hair into two horizontal ponytails on each side.

STEP 4: Take a small piece from the top left pony placing it underneath the bottom pony. Then take a small piece from the bottom pony and create a crisscross motion. Repeat this step until the first section is done. Tie off the bottom pony with another elastic. Pridemore repeated about 6 times, as her model had fine hair. She notes thicker hair will require more sections depending on the desired look. Continue until you run out of hair. 

STEP 5: Continue this step until you run out of hair.

STEP 6: Once you finish the four ponytails, secure with an elastic along the bottom of the braid.

STEP 7: Pull everything apart using Puff.Me Lite to evenly fluff out the braid all the way down.\


STEP 8: Cut the elastics on both sides and overdirect and crisscorss the braided bushel pigtails in the front of the hairline. Cutting the elastics with give this a softer look. 

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