Affinage Mode Cool Blonde Illuminator

by MODERN Staff | March 21, 2017 | Affinage Salon Professional | Hair Color

Affinage Mode Cool Blonde Illuminator is a semi-permanent toner that helps refresh and deep condition bright blonde tones and can also can be utilized by hairdressers after a blonde service instead of mixing a color toner. Its intense deep conditioning base contains semi permanent blue/violet pigments that subdue unwanted yellow and orange yellow tones that can make the hair look raw and unfinished. This gives lightened hair a finished look with high shine and optimal condition. 

Hairdressers find using Affinage Mode Cool Blonde Illuminator a more convenient, faster and easier alternative than mixing demi color toners because the one-step conditioner and toner is used at the back bar after lightener is cleansed from the hair so there’s no need for stepping away from the client. It can also be sold as a retail item to maintain healthy hair condition and a vibrant blonde tone at home. 

 Affinage Mode Cool Blonde Illuminator features a low pH formula with the exclusive DATEM Technology to leave hair soft and supple. It is more than 90 percent naturally derived and completely free from sulfates, parabens, silicones, waxes, mineral oils and sodium chloride.

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