The Licensed to Create Collection by Colortrak

by Lauren Salapatek | October 3, 2017 | Colortrak | Brushes and CombsHair Color
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The Licensed to Create Collection by Colotrak features virtually everything you need to create inspiration, ranging from new and classic tools:

Assorted Color Brushes – Standard color brushes and Wide color brushes for varied coverage and desired application.

Assorted Carbon Fiber Combs – Pintail and Standard combs ideal for sectioning, backcombing, weaving and lifting teased hair. Both combs have seamless teeth and prevent snagging of the hair.

Color Bowls – handles and measurement markings and that stack into place

Croc Clips – unique double-hinged design that holds large amounts of hair while cutting and styling.

Professional Balayage Board – slight curve on 2 sides (1 textured and 1 smooth) to better suit head shape and a handle allows for comfort and stability.

Betty Dain Apron – lightweight and water resistant, with roomy front pockets and unique crisscross straps that relieve neck fatigue.

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