Scruples Introduces Silk Serum for a Flawless Finish

by Anne Moratto | December 18, 2018 | Scruples Professional Salon Products | Finishing Products

New Silk Serum from Scruples Professional Salon Products is a lightweight, quick-drying, soothing gloss that leaves hair soft with a smooth shine. 

“Silk Serum works wonders in both wet and dry hair. It makes hair look brand new— sleek, shiny and frizz-free! Stylists use it to compliment up-dos and braids because it imparts tremendous shine. It is a go-to product for any type of special occasion hair, and a great daily leave-in to add a little extra glam to simple styles.” --  Mia Liguori Co-President Creative & International Business Scruples, Inc.

• Seals in moisture for a polished shine.
• Fends off frizz and tames flyaways.
• Helps to protect against heat damage and color fade while restorative Vitamin E leaves hair feeling healthy.
• Helps speed up the hair drying process.
• Great as a workable styling base or as a final touch to add a dazzling, reflective shine to any look!
• Soothing ingredients work to smooth hair for a frizz-free finish.
• Shampoo-soluble formula is perfect for all hair types.
• Can be applied to wet or dry hair.
• Helps to protect from heat styling, environmental damage and early color fade.

1. On clean hair, apply SILK SERUM Smooth & Shine from roots to ends. Use about a
quarter size amount for long hair.
2. Power dry hair 100% before adding another layer of SILK SERUM from roots to ends
to control flyaways and boost shine. 
3. Add a small amount of SILK SERUM to hands and begin braiding hair. Keep
applying product to hands as needed until braid is complete.
PRO TIP: To avoid a mess of frizz, never braid with clay. Always use a liquid
based product to get an extra smooth finish.
4. Secure braid and apply a pea size amount of

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