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Product Spotlight: NovaLash Platinum Bond High Speed adhesive

by MODERN Staff | February 3, 2019 | NovaLash, Inc. | Cosmetics

When it comes to lash extensions, the adhesive is a star player. NovaLash’s Platinum Bond High Speed adhesive has all the qualities of traditional Platinum Bond that everyone loves, plus it’s speedier, produces lower fumes and is less irritating to eyes. “The High Speed Platinum Bond is my favourite,” says NovaLash Global Master Trainer Zachary Falb. “It allows my clients to return to their normal fitness activities right after their lash appointments. The retention is unmatched in the market; I have clients return after four or five weeks for their infills with up to 50% of their extensions remaining. The viscosity maintains a nice, dome-shaped bubble that’s easy to work with, and the dark color makes the lash line look thicker and darker. Clients can use oil on their lashes, which is wonderful because the main ingredient in the NovaLash cleanLASH pads is oil!”

For use with NovaLash American Volume eyelash extensions, Platinum Bond High Speed is also waterproof and developed by physicians.

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