Having A Bronde Moment

What is it about bronde balayage that makes it the number one hair color today? Could be it’s the incredible depth and dimension that result when you brilliantly combine brown and blonde shades. And it’s definitely the fact that there’s a bronde combination for nearly everyone. And really? Bronde balayage hair color is just plain pretty…which means loads of clients are clamoring for this popular hair color. Redken Ambassadors and top bronders Jamie Sea, @prettylittleombre and Daniel Mora, @danielmbeauty, have lots of bronde moments. Here are three of their top bronde looks, plus tips for achieving the best brondes in the business!

Vanilla Mocha Bronde by Jamie Sea
Pre-lighten: Redken Flash Lift Bonder Inside + 20-volume developer. Divide the head into quadrants and apply a full head of highlights, alternating baby lights and tease lights. Process and rinse.
Root melt: Redken Shades EQ 5N + SEQ Processing Solution
Toner: Redken Shades EQ ½ oz 9V + ½ oz 9GI + SEQ Processing Solution

“This type of shade is so popular,” believes Jamie, “because it reflects cool and warm shades, so it balances well and flatters so many skin tones.” Start with a natural Level 6 or higher, Jamie advises. "But if you’re working on dark bases and the hair is in good condition, it can be lifted up to 8 levels, especially if you’re using the new Redken Flash Lift Bonder Inside which has a built-in bonding additive to protect bonds and keep hair fibers strong without the extra steps of a bonder additive. To lock in this shade, be sure to lift to a level 9 or 10. Anything below this level will not result in this true finish. Refresh with gloss every five-to-seven weeks and retouch with lightener every 12-14 weeks.”

Caramel Macchiato Bronde by Daniel Mora
Pre-lighten: Redken Flash Lift Bonder Inside + 20-volume developer.
Root shadow: Redken Shades EQ equal parts 06N + 07GB + SEQ Procession Solution.
Toner: Redken Shades EQ Gloss 09G + Clear + SEQ Procession Solution. 

For Daniel, much of the artistry in any kind of highlighting lies in the toning. “Sure, I love Redken Shades EQ 09V,” he says. “It’s so easy to bleach someone out and apply this neutralizing shade over the hair. But pushing yourself to experiment with different tones allows you to give every client something unique instead of the same neutralized blonde.”

 Daniel’s tried and true toning tips:
1. For subtle tonal results, tone with levels 8 or lower. Process the gloss for a full 20 minutes. Or, lift and tone no more than two to three levels lighter than the base color.
2. When your goal is to completely neutralize unwanted tones, refer to the color wheel. Blue neutralizes orange, violet neutralizes yellow, green neutralizes red.  Learn the background colors of your toners and mix accordingly.
3. You may use different formulas to color correct targeted areas or to create dimension and depth. For example, place a slightly darker formula in Zone One to create a natural look, then use a lighter formula for a bright look in Zones 2-3.

 Daniel’s favorite Redken Shades EQ toning formulas:

  • 1 ½ oz. 09V + ¼ oz. 08GG + ¼ oz. 000. “The V and GG neutralize each other, producing an N without the blue background found in an N. So the tone will be neutral and will never appear too ash.”
  • 09AA used as a quick second gloss for any blonde. “It brightens the tone and removes hollowness.”
  • 3/4 oz. 05N + 1/4 oz. 07C is the perfect root shadow formula. “The C helps the N grab and last longer.” 

Cold Brew Bronde by Daniel Mora
Pre-lighten: Redken Flash Lift Bonder Inside + 20-volume developer.
Root shadow: Redken Shades EQ equal parts 06N + 07GB + SEQ Procession Solution.
Tone: Redken Shades EQ Gloss 09AA + 09G + SEQ Procession Solution. 

Before you can tone, you must lift. Here are Daniel’s lightening best practices for the best toning results: 
1. Mixing the lightener according to manufacturer’s directions is crucial for optimal results.
2. Saturation is key for even lift.
3. Always lighten a level lighter than the final level desired so your blondes fade nicely as the toner fades.
4. A lightener with built-in bond builder, like the new Redken Flash Lift Bonder Inside, will provide up to eight levels of lift and repair and restore bonds with no need for additional bonding steps.

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