Do You Remember Your Best Day at Work?

by MODERN Staff | July 15, 2019

Hopefully you’re one of the lucky ones for whom a day at work feels like anything but. For you, work is full of laughter and fun, in a place that gives you confidence and makes you feel like part of a winning team. Recently, Sport Clips asked its associates to share the stories of their #sportsclipsbestday. From touching to life-changing, Sport Clips stylists are having the times of their lives! Meet them and have a peek at some of their best stories!


Surprise of Her Life
It was a beautiful spring day, just two days after my birthday. Our store had scheduled a pep rally after we closed. At first I wasn’t too excited, but when I discovered the rally would be at one of my favorite restaurants, I got excited, thinking maybe it was a surprise for my birthday. When I got to the restaurant, I told my manager how thrilled I was and she winked and said, “Girl, we’re going to have fun tonight!” She turned me around and there were my two best friends! One of my friends led me down a hallway and there was my now-husband, down on one knee with a ring in his hand. The pep rally turned into my surprise birthday and engagement party—without a doubt the best day in my Sport Clips career!—Robyn Mayo-Ward


Hope on a Dark Day
A member of our team lost her husband unexpectedly and she was in such shock she hadn’t even begun to consider the financial burden she would incur. I got to be part of the team that told her she would receive financial assistance from the Sport Clips Wayne McGlone Relief Fund, which would pay for the funeral. Seeing her tears of relief, I realized I was part of something pretty special here, and this company is so much more than working behind the chair. To this day, when the Wayne McGlone Relief Fund comes up at a National Huddle conference or a new hire meeting, I tear up. I pray there is never another situation like this, but if there is, I know Sport Clips is by our sides.—Jessica Hopper


Coach of the Year
I’ve been with Sport Clips for more than 13 years and there have been many great moments. One in particular stands out. Two years ago, I was awarded Coach of the Year at our national conference. That day changed my life. It was such an amazing gift to be recognized for my efforts by the people I work so closely with, who were thanking me for helping them be better. There is no better feeling than knowing you made a difference in someone’s life!—Stacia Kelley


Lip Love
I was new with the company and still learning my way when one of my co-workers commented on how much she liked my red lipstick but didn’t think she could pull it off. I grabbed her and applied my bold red color to her lips, and then went ahead and applied it to all the other girls. We documented the moment with a photo that I cherish. This was when I truly felt part of my new team, and four years later it reminds me how important it is to go the extra mile to make newcomers feel welcome.--Kaisha Prince


First of Many
My best day was when I won Stylist of the Quarter for the first time in my first year with the company.—Brianne Solinksy


Beards for Dads
On Father’s Day, our team wanted to represent all dads. Even though some team members were hesitant to be “bearded stylists,” we crushed it with our five o’clock shadows!—Amber Curd

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