Nadria Brown @colormecurls

Nadria Brown @colormecurls 

Nadria Brown has changed the way curly girls look at coloring their curls. Speaking as a fellow natural, Brown offers first person advice and her work speaks for itself.

Nadria Brown


The Curlology Studio, Plantation, Florida

Specialty: Coloring curly hair

Top-performing post: My most engaged post would have to be my interpretation of a sunset. People are always blown away with what I can do for curls. When naturals think of color, they instantly think “I can’t. My hair will be damaged,” so when they come across a page like mine, showing all different curl types and variations of different colors—from subtle to bold—it’s a conversation starter for sure!

Favorite apps: Watermark, Picstitch and VanillaPen are my go-to apps simply because I like making sure my name is attached to my work, and the others are very quick and simple and user friendly.

I follow: @Curls_by_kiki, @kurrrlie, @Bonezdagoat, @analis_devacurl, @Morgantaylorhair

Nadria Brown @colormecurls

Nadria Brown @colormecurls 

Pro tip: Know your audience. Know who’s watching you now but also know who you want to watch you and target both. Pay attention to what people react to the most and cater to that.

Hidden talent: I’m pretty dope at makeup (which was my start in the beauty industry), but color took over that passion.

Fun fact: I paint and do photography.

My audience follows me because: I’m a part of a community that is constantly growing. The natural community, it’s more than just hair for my clientele and my Instagram audience. There’s an unspoken bond that we have being natural. The things I share with them, regardless if it’s a new product, a new color technique or just a funny meme, we relate to it on a different level. My page is not only a representation of them but of me, a black woman, embracing a part of her that at one point she wasn’t even aware of.

How social media changed my life: It forced me to be more of a social butterfly. Believe it or not, I can be very reserved, but it gave me a voice and a platform that I may have never had and gave me an opportunity to showcase my talent and my passion on my own time, in my own way.

My first @modernsalon feature: I remember feeling, “Wow, MODERN SALON posted MY WORK! This is crazy!”


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