Kat Chase’s “before and afters” show real-time salon work and showcase her very real color chops. We love that she is upfront about the time and attention required to create these makeovers.

Kat Chase


Educe Salon, Orlando, Florida

Specialty: Balayage, textured cuts, vibrant colors

Top-performing post: My most engaged post was when I did a side-by-side of a real blonde I created next to a filtered version of the same hair. I was talking about how a lot of what people see might be filtered, and it’s important to have realistic expectations. People seem to love honest posts because it’s being real and relatable. I was shocked how well this post did!

Favorite apps: I love Facetune to clean up a picture (editing the background or fixing a pimple). I love Moldiv to make a side by sides, and I love Splice for video making. It’s very user-friendly.

I follow: @larissadoll, @erin.mills, @minkimcolorist, @rebeccataylorhair, @paintedhair

Pro tip: Lighting is everything! I like to stand by a window to get the perfect lighting. Too much sun makes the hair look bad and too dark doesn’t do the color justice. Also, a clean background.

Hidden talent: I love doing under cuts and really alternative hair cuts, but most of my clients have long, pretty hair.

Fun fact: I can oil paint when I commit to it.

My audience follows me because: I love to engage with my followers, and I love to have fun! I try to show my personality, so it’s not just a boring, redundant hair page.

How social media changed my life: Since MySpace times, I have been posting hair pictures and getting my work out there. I have built up an amazing clientele by posting all the types of work I can do and attracting people looking for that.

My first @modernsalon feature: The first time I was featured on MODERN SALON, I cried! You did a “how-to” on removing bands of color on a blonde. I have been featured on your website three times now and on your Instagram and Facebook a few times, too. It keeps me motivated to be better every day.

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