Sai Phet @HairbySaiPhetkhosa

Sai Phet @HairbySaiPhetkhosa 

Sai Phet @HairbySaiPhetkhosa 

We love when we find an artist whose work is not only stunning, but whose personality also makes us smile. Milwaukee artist Saiphet Khosa does an excellent job of educating his followers on color formulas and techniques while also giving us a sneak peek on who he is as a person. His humble and hardworking attitude have definitely caught (and kept) our attention.

Phonexay Phetkhosa (known as Sai Phet)


Hair by Sai Phet LLC, Milwaukee

Specialty: Freehand painting/ balayage/ foil to balayage master/ dimensional balayage specialist

Top-performing post: The post was in 2016 when I just finish my apprenticeship. I was new to Instagram and didn’t even know anything about hashtags. I just loved doing hair, and at the time that’s all that mattered. I posted a picture of my client going from light to dark. The post got more than 2.1k likes and more than 42 comments. I thought that was pretty damn good for someone who only had 342 followers at the time. The photo went viral. It ended up on several big accounts. Four years later, the photo is still being shared.

Favorite apps: I love Splice for all my editor videos. You can even do voiceovers with the app. Photo Grid or Splitpic for all my before and after photos. I also use Snapseed to help blur out the background of my photos

I follow: @korenlcartwright @Ginaatkinson @ellavationlounge @Katsalista

Sai Phet @HairbySaiPhetkhosa

Sai Phet @HairbySaiPhetkhosa 

Sai Phet @HairbySaiPhetkhosa 

Pro tip: My best advice is that posting at the right time matters. Having a good amount of hashtags people are most likely to look up helps a lot, but what’s the most important is the artistry of the hair. Creating something unique and different. If I’m scrolling, the only thing that is going to stop me is a photo of someone’s hair that is unique, vibrant and perfectly styled. Yes, you can create great content using a camera phone, but if you have the money, invest in a pro camera. This is a business investment, and the way I see it is you only have one chance for someone scrolling past your content. Shooting at the right time of day is so important. If the sun is at its highest point you want to shoot underneath a shaded area. If you’re inside, shoot in front of a window. Don’t be afraid to get creative. It all comes down to just putting out unique work that defines you.

Hidden talent: When I first started, I got into the cosmetology. I did strictly men haircuts for the first three years. Now I mainly specialize in women’s color. Not many people know I have a skill in creating artistic men’s hairstyles.

Fun fact: When I was a teen, I actually wanted to be a music artist. On occasion, I’ll write music or rap lyrics. I also grew up around cars, so I fix everything on my own cars.

My audience follows me because: I truly think every day we’re all searching for a piece of ourselves that we are missing. It takes trying new things and venturing out to discover yourself. My followers have watched me start from the bottom. Working at a smalltown chain salon to where I am today. They’ve watched me cry and go through life just like them. I have always been transparent and authentic to my followers, and they can relate to everything I talk about. My account is about lifestyle and hair. I think hair is a blessing, but it amazing when you connect beyond that as well.

How social media changed my life: There is a lot of negativity that comes with social media, but all the positives outweigh it. I would have never have met the people I know today if I didn’t have social media. I’ve met so many amazing people and discovered so much things about myself. I’ve gone places I wouldn’t have without social media. It has definitely opened my eyes to a new world.

My first @modernsalon feature: It’s been so long I honestly don’t remember. All I know is I was screaming at my phone “omg who me! How is this even possible?” I couldn’t believe a smalltown stylist from Wisconsin was getting a little shine on such a big platform. I do recall when I worked so hard on taking a platinum card client to a dimension blonde. It was one of the hardest jobs I’ve ever done. I recall working on her for over eight hours. I remember brushing out the curls outside as the sun started to go down. Taking the photos with my Sony camera. As I took a look at how the photos were coming, I knew instantly these photos were going to be featured somewhere. My heart was so warm that day. I absolute love my job and all that comes with it.

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