Boundless Beauty: Deliver Style Diversity with the Proper Tools

by Anne Moratto | August 27, 2019
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These looks from Olivia Garden, and Artistic Director and International Educator Cherry Petenbrink demonstrate the diversity of styles that can be achieved, regardless of texture, with proper tools and technique.

High above downtown Los Angeles this spring, the Olivia Garden team gathered to create their newest photo collection and to celebrate the limitless possibilities in hairstyling. Incorporating influences from different eras and working with a variety of hair types and textures, Petenbrink created lush waves, sophisticated updos, sleek length, and also allowed natural texture to “bloom.” 

“This collection was created to speak to a classic luxury that never goes out of style,” Petenbrink says. “Each individual image has an element of the past and an element of the present. Versatility in texture, color and length exists within this collection—a versatility that is representative of the cultures and lifestyles that Olivia Garden connects with daily.”

For five decades, Olivia Garden has been brushing up the beauty industry with their collection of styling brushes and accessories. They’ve also launched ceramic and ion styling tools, including their latest Ceramic + ion Professional Flat Iron.

“This speaks to our commitment to the creative, to the authentic and to the unique,” Petenbrink says.

Hair: Cherry Petenbrink 
Assistants: Mandy Kinn and Drea Lecher
Photographer: John Rawson 
Makeup: Drea Vlaovich
Fashion stylist: Thanh Kemp

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