It is one of the most common requests from clients - how-to get volume at the crown (and it usually comes from those clients with straight, fine hair!) Of course there are donuts and extensions, but for those clients looking to use their own tresses, there are a few simple techniques that will give long lasting lift at the crown - or anywhere along the top of the head.

Living Proof Global Creative Director Michael Shaun Corby has been tackling the "oomph" request for years, not only on his high profile and celebrity clients, but he has been teaching this method (among so many others) at the Living Proof Academy in Boston, Massachusetts. "This is an easy technique that will create usable volume that will last for days," Corby says.

Check out the short video tutorial to see him in action, but in a nutshell:

-Take a deep rectangular section from the crown. PRO TIP: Keep the section about the size of the comb.

-Lift the section straight up and gently tap and backcomb the back of the section pressing down to build shape and lift. PRO TIP: Make sure to not have the comb go all the way through the section so that the front remains smooth.

-Spray the back of the section with a heat protecting spray (Corby uses Living Proof Heat Styling Spray.) 

-Take a jumbo curling iron and place at the back of the section. Wrap the hair around the iron and hold for about 20 seconds. Slide the iron out and allow the curl to rest in place.

-Once cool, gently brush and allow to fall back over the crown.

-Finish with hairspray (Corby uses Living Proof Flex Hairspray.)



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