How to Create Cool Girl Waves with the Right Amount of Grit


A little grit is always needed when looking to give your clients piecey waves. Las Vegas stylist Shelley Gregory uses R+Co's Skyline dry shampoo to create definition and texture. 

The dry shampoo was designed to make styles last longer while also refreshing hair without the use of water. When sprayed at the root and massaged in, this power leaves hair feeling fresh. Its nonaerosol pump allows stylists to deliver the powder with precision.

“It doesn’t matter how dirty the hair is,” Gregory says. “Skyline will erase all of that and give extra volume in the process.”

Skyline is just one of four different dry shampoos in R+Co's arsenal. The brand's line also includes: Death Valley, Spiritualized and Badlands. 

Death Valley is one of the quickest ways to get volume and body into your client’s hair. It features rice protein to improve hair’s elasticity and vitamin E to strengthen and nourish the hair.

“Death Valley is a must-have for every client,” Gregory says. “I always keep it stocked in my kit and even in my personal travel bag.”

Using a micellar formula, Spiritualized transcends traditional dry shampoos to cleanse the scalp without a powdery residue. It also soothes itchy and dry scalps.

Part dry shampoo, part styling paste, R+Co’s Badlands adds second-day texture while absorbing oil. Its matte finish and reworkable hold mean there’s no buildup.

Regardless of which dry shampoo the artists grabbed, one thing is apparent: R+Co has elevated the product category to be an experience. Visit

In this video, Gregory uses Skyline a the root and mid lengths for texture and definition. Get the step-by-step directions below:




  1. Make loose C waves all through dry hair with a 1” flat iron. Alternating directions in each section to give an undone look.
  2. After hair cool,s use Skyline and distribute section by section.
  3. Starting in the back, take horizontal sections and pump skyline at root to mid lengths of hair holding product 6” away from hair.
  4. After full head application (should be about 15-20 pumps), massage into scalp.
  5. Comb through waves with your fingers and shake out so skyline gets evenly distributed throughout and gives a softness to waves.
  6. Finish with Galaxy hairspray.

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