How to Blend and Refresh Balayage



The time to be cool for the summer has come to an end, but that doesn't mean your blonde clients should let their color fade with their tan lines. Kelsey Ring is a Southern California blonding specialist who knows a thing or two about keeping blondes refreshed and blended year-round. This year, Ring has been reaching for products from Milk_Shake to help deliver the perfect results to her clients.

With Milk_Shake’s lighteners and toners, residual warm tones are counteracted and perfect results are achieved. The brand’s Decologic Level-9 High-Lift Powder is suitable for all lightening techniques and creates an intense lift of up to nine levels. Milk_Shake says the Decologic Clay Balayage Lightener is suitable for all freehand techniques.

The Decologic Blue Lightening Powder is dust-free and easy to blend. It lifts up to six levels while reducing brassiness. It is designed to create a consistent moisture level during application.

“I use the blue lightening powder for babylights, foiled highlights and on-scalp applications,” Ring says. “The rich, creamy consistency makes it ideal for all my blonding applications.”

In addition to color, Milk_Shake’s toners, Silver Shine Shampoo and Silver Shine Whipped Cream work to finish and maintain hair color brilliance. The toners are available in Platinum, Light Ash, Smoky Grey, Amethyst and White.

In this video, Ring demos how to bring life back into faded balayage using Milk_Shake's Blue Decologic Lightener. 





  1. Section off hair with a triangle on the crown of the head, with the top of the triangle at the forehead.
  2. Part down both sides at base of triangle to the back of the ear. There should be three total sections in the front.
  3. In the back, part two vertical sections from the center of the bottom of the triangle down the occipital bone.
  4. Mix up 40 grams of Milk_Shake's Decologic Blue lightening powder and Milk_Shake 20volume.
  5. Start in the back at the nape. Take small, horizontal back sections and back comb. Saturated with lightner, feathering near base.
  6. Leave a small section out in between, and continue up each side of the back alternating until you get closer to the top.
  7. When you get near the crown, marry the two sections and keep working your way up until you complete the back.
  8. Begin lighting the front by taking face framing sections, and basket weaving them. They should be hugging the hair line and thin enough to see through them.
  9. Alternate by going back in forth to each side, leaving small slices of hair out in between foiling.
  10. Keep working up both sides (focus on heavy lighting closer to the face ) until you reach the top triangle.
  11. Starting at the back of the triangle (furthest away from the forehead), start foiling the same way, working your way toward the front.
  12. As you get closer to the top of the triangle, focus on thinner amount of hair left out in between and getting the lightner closer to the scalp. Keep working until you have no hair left.
  13. Let process until desired level of lightness is achieved. (Level 9/10).
  14. Rinse
  15. Shampoo using Milk_Shake Silver Shine shampoo.
  16. Tone: Milk_Shake Decologic Toner Controllers in Platinum and Light Ash.
  17. Rinse. Condition
  18. Style, using Milk_Shake's Silver Shine Whipped Cream.

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