With many diverse paths to success at Ulta Beauty, you can explore and discover something new or find your niche and focus your skills. Here, three more chapters in a beautiful, never-ending story of opportunities:

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Design Team/Elite Stylist

Los Angeles, CA

Years with Ulta Beauty: 5


CAREER JOURNEY: I started at Ulta Beauty with pretty much nothing. No direction, not a whole lot of money, nothing extravagant to bring to the table besides my talent and passion. Then, my managers pushed me to grow further than just meeting a comfortable goal. I started entering contests, and I would win. I always felt like I had what I needed to step outside the comfort zone and every time I did, I benefited greatly. I began to feel like everything in front of me was an opportunity, and started saying ‘yes’ to all of it.

That’s something the leadership and culture at Ulta Beauty does—encourages you to maximize yourself and try everything you want. After moving through all the stylist levels up to Master and Elite, then auditioning and becoming a member of the Design Team, I was encouraged to revisit a lost art that I had put aside. I began assisting and doing makeup at all of the amazing photoshoots and events the Design Team supports—everything from national beauty shows to NAHA entries to Coachella and Pride.

 If you’re passionate enough and willing to work hard and focus, Ulta Beauty can catapult your career further than you may imagine possible.


family touch


Elite Stylist

Naperville, IL

Years with Ulta beauty: 14


Career journey: I’ve worked all my years with the Salon at Ulta Beauty at our original location. I applied as a single mom who had immigrated from China seven years earlier. The store was five minutes away from our home and school, so I thought it could be a good fit. Little did I know it would become an amazing career.

I started as an entry-level stylist. It was difficult in the beginning, but I worked my way up to Elite Stylist status, and have reached the $100,000 level for the past seven years.

I tell any new stylists or anyone new to our Salon at Ulta Beauty that whenever I needed more guests to fill spots in my chair, I’d just go to the store floor and help people who are shopping, usually in the hair care or styling tool areas. Our store is one big beauty playground, so converting store guests to salon guests is easy.

What has impressed me most about my career with Ulta Beauty is how much support and training we receive. We recently rolled out a new education and compensation structure and because of it I am making an even better living than before, without changing a thing. As long as I—or any other stylist, at any level—hit a certain weekly target, we can make up to 70% commission. At some salons, no matter how hard you work or how much business you bring in, you make the same rate. It’s a huge benefit.

I love being part of the Ulta Beauty family. We are able to treat our guests like family, too. That is an important part of our culture. Until recently, I had a dear, 98-year-old client who had came to me weekly for 10 years. She had worked in politics and education, and moved from Washington, D.C., to retire near her daughter. We had interesting, smart conversations, and she always supported our breast cancer cut-a-thons every October. She would take the bus home from the salon and often I would escort her to make sure she got on safely. When she passed away, her daughter came to thank me. I am grateful, too.


perfect fit


Services District Educator

Austin, TX

Years with Ulta Beauty: 3


Career journey: My career took off once I joined Ulta Beauty. I’ve been in the industry for 14 years and took time off to be a stay-at-home mom. I chose the Salon at Ulta Beauty when I returned to work and the opportunities have been endless. I had no clientele when I came back and still did almost $80,000 in services my first year as well as being promoted to educator. Since then I’ve become a Redken Certified Colorist, Easi Hair Pro certified and Keratin Complex certified. I’ve also received leadership coaching which has helped me grow both professionally and personally.

We receive hands-on education and fantastic benefits such as paid time off, healthcare, and 401k. It’s comforting to know I’m taken care of in all aspects of life. And the culture is FUN! As soon as you walk in you can feel the energy. From the Beauty Advisors greeting you to the upbeat music and friendly stylists. You can come in and play and leave in a completely different mood. We are all about giving WOW experiences. We also have a good team culture.

Earlier in my career I was made to feel I wasn’t a good fit for this industry. My goal as a Services District Educator, is to ensure no one ever quits because they weren’t supported. Education is the backbone of the salon and we are passionate about it.

One day I hope to be a Regional Services Education Manager. However, with the company evolving and growing you never know what doors could open next. This is my favorite part about having a career at Ulta Beauty.”


Check out the Salon at Ulta Beauty near you. Ask the salon manager for more info on local—and free!—Ulta Academy education and events. Apply at careers.ulta.com


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