Salon Pros Can Be Both Eco-Friendly and Hyper-Creative Without Compromise

Sustain Beauty Co

Going ‘green’ shouldn’t sacrifice quality, and the professional beauty industry should have more options to be sustainably beautiful. Salons seeking a partner to help them deliver on the fast-growing eco demands of their clients are hooking up with the collaborative group Sustain Beauty Co, launched by the same eco-tribe that brought ECOHEADS to North America.

The company started out by introducing the eco spray nozzle which saves water and energy,  before expanding to bring savings in color usage with The Ping color mixer.  Now, the SBCo eco-community is evolving into a resource and celebration of all things eco-beauty, becoming a one-stop shop for performance-enhancing, sustainable products for the professional artist.

"We are all in this together, searching for ways to reduce our impact on the planet and ensure our businesses are sustainable long term," said Valorie Tate, co-founder of Sustain Beauty Co. "Many of our stylists have reported finding high-performance, globally responsible alternatives a struggle. That shouldn’t be the case, so we’ve expanded our vision: to become the partner our community needs and help beauty professionals find innovations that matter to them. Our aim is to keep on adding to our family of products so we can share the most sustainable, affordable alternatives with the professional beauty community and enable everyone to protect and grow their business."

While not the first company to weave sustainability into the fabric of its company, Sustain Beauty Co is as much a collaboration of like-minded artists, tools, brands and partners as it is a source of products for the performance-oriented hair stylist.

"Decisions that are sensitive to the long-term impact of our collective industry should not sacrifice quality and performance,"added Tate. "That’s a stigma the industry at large must discard. We have been so lucky to fall in step with other sustainability champions that provide amazing solutions for waste management to alternatives to energy-intensive aluminum foils. Some of our biggest partners are manufacturers with a keen eye on ethical sourcing, manufacturing and consumer practices. We are humbled to be in great company and look forward to celebrating a more sustainable beauty industry."

Valorie Tate and Kelli Manley of SBCo

Valorie Tate and Kelli Manley of SBCo


The SBCo Criteria

Sustain Beauty Co was born with the mission to help identify authentic, credible and environmentally responsible brands that put stylists at the forefront of their purpose. All Sustain Beauty Co products must:

  1. Reduce the footprint of consumables in our industry.
  2. Empower artists to create beauty responsibly.
  3. Protect the stylist and the environment equally.
  4. Come from ethical sources and responsible manufacturing facilities.

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