Removing direct dyes from compromised hair is no easy task, but Diana Giannini @lzhouseofhair...

Removing direct dyes from compromised hair is no easy task, but Diana Giannini @lzhouseofhair relies on Malibu C’s Direct Dye Lifter to ensure old color residue is removed while preserving the hair’s integrity.


Achieving color that packs a punch is hard enough to do on the perfect canvas, not to mention if a client comes in with compromised hair. As a professional, it’s important to give the proper advice and solutions to clients looking to change up their color often.
Diana Giannini is a colorist based in the Chicago area who specializes in vibrant fashion colors. When a client requested a neon color transformation, Giannini knew she’d need the right products to achieve the best results.

“She had been changing her color for years and ended up with breakage from thermal tools,” Giannini says. “I decided to prescribe Malibu C’s Direct Dye Lifter to save the day.”

Featuring a powerful formula designed to deliver results with or without the use of a developer, Malibu C’s Direct Dye Lifter removes unwanted direct dyes and stains. The creamy, nondrip formula gives colorists control while
preserving the hair’s integrity. Giannini mixed a packet of Direct Dye Lifter with water and applied it to her client’s hair for a 30-minute processing time.

“And just like that, poof! all of her old color residue was gone,” she says. “We had a clean canvas to recreate on. It removed her remaining purples and blues without lifting
her natural color, while leaving her blonde nice and clean.”

The product works well with Malibu C’s Un-do-goo shampoo, which Giannini says she uses before and after every color service. The shampoo blends a sulfate-free cleansing system with botanicals and moisture-boosting vitamins to remove product buildup and restore manageability.

Stephanie Shellenberger, a stylist based in Pennsylvania, says the Undo- goo shampoo is a must-have for ensuring a successful color service.

“It’s superior to other clarifying shampoos in terms of removing styling product resins from the hair,” she says. “It’s gentle enough that it can also be used for a gloss that’s left on too long.”

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