It was a magical weekend and what many have called their favorite Global Zoom of all time. Goldwell’s annual celebration of beauty was held this fall in Vienna, Austria. Almost 3000 salon pros from 27 countries came to Austria’s capital to experience the ultimate in education, inspiration, introduction of the latest collections and the culmination of Goldwell’s International Color Zoom competition. There was a gala show, academy sessions and a show floor where attendees could take a break and experience fresh perspectives, learn new techniques and get introduced to the latest launches from Goldwell and any of the other KAO brands.

While it was an exciting gathering for all, most people were there to see who was going to win the Color Zoom Challenge. The finalists were tasked with recreating their winning image in three hours, live in front of the Global Zoom audience. 91 national finalists from 38 countries in the three different categories of Partner, New Talent and Creative, demonstrated their interpretation of REMIX, the 2019 collection.

The winners of GOLD:

J Lim from Singapore (New Talent Category – for stylists with less than five years of professional experience)

Irakli Sardalishili from Russia (Creative Category – for stylsts with more than five years experience)

Yuujin Ho from Singapore (Partner Category – for stylists who have already worked for Goldwell for at least two years)

The winners of Goldwell's Color Zoom Challenge introduced at Global Zoom in Vienna, Austria.

The winners of Goldwell's Color Zoom Challenge introduced at Global Zoom in Vienna, Austria.

The Gala Show lived up to its name. Theatrical at is core, entertainment and dancers channeled Vienna to help introduce the Goldwell Coluture Collection 2020: INTREPID. The collection is described as bold, daring and fearless created with bold lines, round shapes and disconnections enhanced by “Oxygenated” color that melts from strong to soft or dark to light. The collection is a little bit retro with modern twists and excitingly gender neutral finishes.

Goldwell's INTREPID Collection introduced at Global Zoom in Vienna, Austria.

Goldwell's INTREPID Collection introduced at Global Zoom in Vienna, Austria.

The last day of the event was filled with top education and finalized with an exceptional party. The ARTIST SESSIONS, designed to help attendees “master their craft” when back in the salon, featured extraordinary talent and top educators. Mario Krankl, a Goldwell Global Brand Ambassador presented his “Salon Fixer” concept as well as up-dos and avant-garde styles. Hare &  Bone, featuring Sam Burnett, introduced their latest collection and shared their blend of creative and editorial looks. M&P offered digestible education with both creative and accessible concepts.  Goldwell International Artist Sascha Haselhoff, and the icono team, focused on key skills and advanced techniques while introducing their latest collection.

Capping Global Zoom was a truly exciting farewell party. Held in the Hofburg Palace, the 3000 guests arrived in breathtaking formal wear capped by masks which many wore the entire evening. Said an attendee, dressed from head to toe in costume with a sky-high wig, “I think hairdressers appreciate a theme better than anyone.” He identified himself as “Monsieur Antoinette.”

It was an exciting event and described by many as not only the best Global Zoom, but one of the best salon conferences “ever.” 

Next year Goldwell’s international gathering is taking on a new name with a fresh new concept, including a cutting category and more. Says John Moroney, Vice President Global Creative and Communication, KAO Salon Division, “We will inspire our stylists with a new event, a new challenge and a new Goldwell Couture Collection in a new city. We are excited to invite our stylists to the new KAO Salon Global Experience in Amsterdam.”

Join Goldwell's Rebecca Heile and Neil Barton as Barton preps to introduce INTREPID to the Global Zoom audience:

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