Salon Point-of-Sale Systems Improve the Client Experience

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We think of salon point-of-sale (POS) systems as benefitting salon management, but the bigger picture is that POS tools speak to the heart of the salon business: serving the client. We know that salon clients want:

• Efficiency. They have no time to waste.

• Convenience. They regard extra effort as usually not worth it.

• Inspiration. They look to the salon for forward-thinking fashion, style — and everything else.

• Stress relief. The last thing they need is additional stress.

That’s why “exceeding client expectations” — a popular goal in salon mission statements — goes beyond delivering a great service. Today’s clients demand a culture of sophistication, signaled by the latest technology. A POS system can provide the efficiency, convenience, inspiration and stress relief salon clients now require.

Different salon and spa management software systems vary in the features they offer, but all raise the bar on customer service throughout the full client experience.


Easy, Convenient Booking

Many POS systems enable clients to book online 24/7 from any of their devices. Recent studies show that up to 60% of salon clients do their own online booking when given the option, and of those, nearly three-quarters book from their phones. Instant online booking drives same-day appointments — another big win for clients who love being able to get in for a last-minute trim, manicure or leg wax, while also helping the salon pro to fill up the day or cover a cancellation.

If you prefer to book your clients’ appointments, POS gives you the advantage of mobile booking so you can take a phone call wherever you are and lock down the appointment immediately. It’s an especially critical advantage for solo artists who clients know they can book with one call.

Working on mobile or a tablet makes it easy to rebook clients before they leave, boosting retention and ensuring that clients get their choice of day and time.


Streamlined Check-in and Upsell

The client walks in, sometimes rushed but always hoping to relax. In years past, that hope could be shattered right at the beginning, with a line leading to the front desk or direction to “just give me a minute to find your file.” Point-of-sale software transforms the salon check-in into a procedure barely more involved than the time it takes to say, “Great to see you again.”

While add-on services are a salon pro’s key to building business, often it’s the client who comes in for one service and requests a second or third. From a simple upsell like highlights or a brow cleanup to a full additional service such as a pedicure or facial, POS makes it easy to check on-the-spot availability in terms of time, product and service provider.

Feeling “Known” at the Salon

There’s no such thing as too much information when it comes to salon clients. At the POS-equipped salon, every client is a familiar face — after all, the salon software can store your client’s photo. It also tracks all of the client’s service specifics, retail purchases, reward points, referrals and other personal details.

Regular clients want you to recall that they changed their preferred appointment day to Thursday. They expect you to know whether their shampoo is volumizing or color protective. If they send in a friend, they assume they’ll receive referral credit in a loyalty program. And the notes you make will help you remember that their most recent blowout was for a special party, their selection of long-lasting nail color preceded a beach vacation, or their massage reversed the damage from a tough day at work.

Management software’s inventory features further show clients that you value their business. Automatic reordering means that you’ll never have just used up the last tube of that perfect hair color. Clients will always find their favorite night cream on your shelves and discover the full array of the latest seasonal polish shades.

POS features strengthen your relationship with the client in an industry built on relationships. And you continue to nurture the relationship between appointments when you link the salon software system to your social media, text messaging and email. Your clients appreciate staying connected even when they’re not at your station.


Fast, Seamless Check-out

Once clients have taken that final, satisfied glance at your handiwork, they’re eager to go about their day. Your POS software gets them out the door in just seconds, with their bill paid in complete security, any gift card quickly processed, and their suggested products all packed up by the front desk staff. Clients leave the salon just as they’re supposed to — fabulous, relaxed, and grateful for having a beauty professional as caring and polished as you.

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Originally posted on Salon Today