"Every tool does their own beautiful thing." -This pixie by Rha has inspired many clients to ask for something similar.

In addition to her signature winged eyeliner, the extremely talented Shannon Rha (@shannonrha), owner of Shannon Hair in Valencia, CA, and co-creator (along with Briana Cisneros (@brianacisneros) of Workshop Evolve, is known for scroll-stopping pixies and super-cute crops. Clients have been traveling from Canada and New York to go under her knife, so to speak. She creates these gorgeous shapes with both razor and shears and when asked to describe how she uses these two tools, she offered this visual.

 “I always think razor cuts and scissor cuts are like using two methods to create a work of art,” she explains. “First, you sketch something and create the foundation and the lines. This is what I do with scissors. Then, once I have done this drawing, then I want to go in with my ‘paints’ and add texture and movement, and that is what I do with a razor.”

While also a specialist in hair color, she says she recently started to share more of her cutting work on Instagram because haircutting was always her first love.  And knowing that the best way to learn to use a razor is with in-person instruction and lots of--you guessed it--practice, practice, practice, we asked Rha to share a little sharp insight into working with a razor.

MODERN SALON: Dry vs wet hair?

SHANNON RHA: I start with wet hair, cutting with a razor.  Then, I flat brush the hair straight so I really see it and dry cut with scissors. My haircut takes about one hour because I am very picky and very detail oriented. I studied at Vidal Sassoon and I practice the principles of line, structure and foundation.

MS: What type of razor?

SR: Nick Arrojo is my mentor and he has taught me so much. We recommend that anyone wanting to learn how to do razor cutting should take a Nick Arrojo Basic Foundation Class.  I like his razors and that’s what I use.

MS: Can you use a razor on any hair type?

SR: Years ago, hairdressers and clients didn’t believe that you could use a razor on any kind-of hair texture but I believe that you can. It’s all in the technique and in how comfortable you are with your razor.

MS: How often to switch blades? And do you use a guard? 

I switch once or sometimes twice a day.  It’s a lot, I know, but I want the best results. I don’t use a guard because I’ve been cutting this way for almost ten years so I’m very comfortable.  But for a beginner, I definitely recommend using a guard.

MS: Where will you be teaching, next?

Brianna and I will bring Workshop Evolve to Larisa Love’s Salon in Studio City, CA. We’re teaching three different haircuts—a shag, pixie and textured bob—in an all-day demo class. We’re going to help you feel confident with these cuts and so you will love doing them. 

*She won't be teaching razor cutting at this class but feel free to bring your razor if you're already a pro. Call 747-203-1626 to reserve your spot.


I used my razor for the entire cut, then went back in and used a feather razor and scissors to really get detailed and texturize to give her the playful but clean look at the end! After the haircut, I placed babylights from the hairline through the crown, starting by keeping the babylights close together and slowing furthering them apart to give her a more natural look! #shorthair #pixiecut #pixiehaircut #pixiehair #nothingbutpixies #shorthaircut #hairstyle #behindthechair #modernsalon #americansalon #styleartists #allmodernhair #hairbrained #Imallaboutdahair #hotonbeauty #hair_artistry #Instagram #instagood #instahair #wellahair #hair #stylistshopconnect #randco #oribe #shannonhair #shannonhairsalon

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SIGNATURE TEXTURIZED BOB. I love to call this haircut my “signature” because it is a universal haircut that I have created using many techniques I have learned in my career! A few of these include using my razor to channel cut for weight removal and twist cutting for added texture. I always finish with a dry scissor cut to refine. This is a fun way to create a one length bob with the versatility of texture for more movement! . . . . #haircut #razorcut #razorhaircut #lob #razorbob #lobhaircut #longbob #texturedhair #livedinhair #beachwaves #bob #bobhaircut #behindthechair #modernsalon #styleartists #allmodernhair #americansalon #hairbrained #Imallaboutdahair #hotonbeauty #lahair #hair_artistry #scvhair #instahair #wellahair #hair #stylistshopconnect #shannonhair #shannonhairsalon

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Shannon Rha says that "a razor cut has a very special personality."




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