When Kathy Oliver was working on her master’s degree, she decided to write her thesis on the JCPenney organization. Because she was also a cosmetology instructor, she was especially drawn to the company’s salons. She researched the empowering, family-oriented company culture and decided it was the place for her. “I learned this is a multi-billion-dollar business,” she laughs, “and I wondered what part of that pie could be for me?"

Kathy started her career at the company as a stylist, but her business degree led to an offer to join the management team and she agreed to lead the salon in Orange Park, FL. “When I started, I said, ‘don’t call me boss,’” she remembers. “We’re a family and we’re all going to grow together."

“If you enjoy family life, this is the place for you!” declares Kathy. “You will meet so many engaging people. Your life could be changed with a simple hello. You never know how a customer might inspire you or how you will change someone’s day. Every day is different, and every day can be wonderful. This is the best place to find yourself. You have so many opportunities to be yourself and to have a bright future.”

A client had come in for a brow wax and as she was checking out, she burst into tears. “She told us her wedding was in four hours and her hairstylist had just cancelled!” Kathy recalls. “I said, ‘Honey don’t even worry about it.’ I did her hair, then I walked her over to Sephora and did her manicure and got on the floor and painted her toes while Sephora did her makeup. We got her done and got her to her wedding with seconds to spare. The next day, the bride and her new husband came into the salon and he said gave me a big old hug and thanked me. My heart just flew open and she has been a client ever since.”

“I use my business degree, my teaching experience and my creativity. I empower people to grow,” says Kathy, adding, “Your job should be more than your job. It should be fun, it should be something you love, it should be a career. You can have all that and more at the Salon by InStyle.”

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