Hair color by Josh Boynton 

Hair color by Josh Boynton

Josh Boynton ( of Wingate Hair Salon, Smyrna, TN., says client Desere is an artist who “lets me express creative freedom on her hair when she comes in! It’s so much fun to have that freedom from another artist, because you can really create anything without any pressure. It’s when I have clients like this, I feel I do my best work.

Here Boynton shares the details for the new look:

STEP 1: Start by lifting the base with Mydentity Big9 creme lightener mixed with 20 volume and Olaplex.
STEP 2: Process for 35 minutes, lifting to a level 9.
STEP 3: Wash and blow-dry before applying color to allow the color to fully absorb into her hair and last longer. 
STEP 4: Apply Mydentity Superpower Direct Dye Violet Sorcery to her base
STEP 5: Taking diagonal slices, alternate between Direct Dye shades Phoenix Fire, Pink Possession, and the remainder of the Violet Sorcery from her base color.
STEP 6: Process for 20 minutes before washing.
STEP 7: Treat with Olaplex no. 2 and Mydentity’s New MyHero Collagen Repair line.
STEP 8: Style with 1 inch curling wand spraying MyDefender heat protection spray each section. Finish by spraying #MyPower.


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