This client gets her hair colored just once a year so Montana Schmidt (@paintslikeschmidt), a colorist at Kevin & Co., Danville, Illinois, took full advantage of this blonde conversion. “I haven’t done a before and after side by side in a while, so I figured since I love doing her hair so much she would be the perfect candidate,” Schmidt says. “If only my hair grew out like that!”

Hair color makeover by Montana Schmidt

Hair color makeover by Montana Schmidt

Here Schmidt shares the details for this fresh new shade:

STEP 1: Hand paint balayage, alternating wide panels for depth and thin panels for brighter pops of light. Color used: OligoPro Blacklight Clay and Extra Blonde Lightener starting with 20 volume, building to 30 volume toward the top.

STEP 2:  Process to desired lift and rinse.

STEP 3: Gloss with OligoPro Calura Gloss 9/6 + 9/32 + 9/12 with 7 volume developer.

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