“Michaela was referred to me by one of my ‘rainbow’ clients so I was all set to paint another vibrant unicorn,” Samantha Daly (@bottleblonde76) of Sarasota, Florida, says. “The first time she walked through the door of my salon and told me I could do whatever reds or coppers I wanted, I was in heaven. I don’t get to play with warm tones like this a lot because living in Florida is just not kind to redheads.” Daly points out that even with the best at home care regimen, “the sun is just too strong and a lot of people just can’t keep up with the maintenance.”


After the consultation, Daly secretly texted my makeup artist (@moonbabeshae) and asked if she could pop in and work some magic. “I knew I had a great before and after on my hands, but I really wanted a full makeover look.”

Here she shares the details for the transformation, using Pulp Riot Faction8:

STEP 1: Begin at the regrowth. Apply ½  6-4 (level 6 copper), ½  6-5 (level 6 red violet) blended with 10 volume developer.

STEP 2: Draw this formula down into her mid-section and then apply 8-4 (level 8 copper) with 10 volume, dragging that color down to about her shoulders. “Where formula 1 and 2 meet, I simply melt the 2 together.”

STEP 3: “I knew that I could utilize the lightness that she had previously to really make this color pop.” Apply -33 (a straight yellow booster) with 10 volume and alternate pieces with -44 (a straight orange booster) with 10 volume on her ends to break up a solid result. (“Because of the new technology that faction8 has given us, I was able to melt these formulas from roots to ends seamlessly.”)

STEP 4: Process for 30 minutes, then shampoo with Pulp Riot Bangkok and Tokyo shampoo and conditioner. Style with Pulp Riot Istanbul Blow Dry Spray. 


“The color was so vibrant and shiny, no toner was needed. I love the way this transformation changed not only the way Michaela looked but the way she was in front of the camera. Her confidence in her after pics compared to her before pics was like shooting a different person. She even told me, ‘I’m really feeling myself right now!’ There is no better compliment than that! It’s always an amazing moment when you turn your camera around to show her how amazing she looks and she can’t believe it. We truly do have the best job.”

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