Tape-In Extension Removal and Reapplication Tips


The beauty industry loves a good transformation, and perhaps no method in the industry creates such a quick before and after quite like extensions. The inital process includes color matching and blending to get the perfect look, but what do you do when it's time for a reapplication? Nicole Dwork is a Chicago-based extensions expert and stylist on Tony Odisho's team. Here she shares her top tips on extension removal and reapplication.

Day/Night Before Removal Appointment (for clients):

  • Make sure hair is clarified properly

Removal Tips (for stylists):

  • Start from the bottom and work your way up. 
  • Spray tab seam generously with proper removal solution.  This will ease the removal process and prevent damage to client's hair.
  • Comb each section after removing extension. 

Reapplication tips (for stylists):

  • Set yourself up for success. "If I'm retaping a client, I'll arrange the extensions in the order that they were taken out. We recommend a strand organizer to better assist with this. This ensures the same color and length pattern is used."
  • "No two applications will be the same, and you don't want the hair in the exact same places as last time anyway.  It can put too much tension on the hair.  You do however want them in the same general area/row." 
  • Make sure hair is properly clarified so all residue is removed and no styling products are in the hair before reapplying extensions.

About Tony Odisho:

After working in prestigious salons around Chicago, Tony Odisho opened Exsalonce Salon in 2000 before launching his extensions and Ostia hair care range in 2006. Odisho’s extensions, hair care products, and tools are used in salons across the United States. All of the brand's products are tested in-salon for at least a year to ensure their effectiveness and reliability.

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