Goldwell Ambassador Frank Cini is best known for being the owner of Taz Hair Co in Toronto and his editorial styling expertise. Find out how he is flexing his skills when he can't be in the salon or on set.


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MODERN SALON: Did you have shoots planned during quarantine? How did you manage to cancel? How did you reschedule?
FRANK CINI: Yes, I had a shoot planned for Goldwell Global Creative awards and we had to cancel. We had agency models on hold stylist ready to pull clothing and make up. My photographer is so busy it was disappointing!  I will reschedule as soon as we get the go ahead from the government. 

MS: Do you have a usual team you work with?
FC: When working with a magazine, they typically arrange the photographer and MUA so I’m constantly meeting new people. [For my own shoots] I have a regular team. We have a great chemistry to make those long days enjoyable. My team is makeup artist Katie Foster @katieforstermakeupartistry, photographer Natasha Gerschon @natashagerschon, and fashion stylist Klaudia @klaudiasfashionfix.

MS: What are you doing to stay inspired and create while at home?
FC: The inspiration within my head I try to create sometimes with wigs wefts mannequins. I also view photos videos, then believe in deliberate practice. Repetition is the mother-of-all skill; I need to do hands-on. Often when working on a photoshoot concept the original idea style, braid what have you may not work out. But then moves in another direction that can be quite creative and amazing. 


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MS: How are you using this time to plan for future shoots? 
FC: There’s never a shortage of inspiration, only time! Time is the luxury hairstylists have now. I am finding inspiration from online education, magazines, Pinterest and lots of hands-on practice. I always have saved folders of inspiring work. 

My planning is typically the same.  I have a template or checklists I follow: I decide on a concert and name the collection, and I create a story board for sources of inspiration. The categories of inspiration wardrobe, makeup, accessories, photography, lighting, and complementary back drop. Then another moodboard for hair.

MS: What advice do you have for stylists who want to work on their editorial skills now, or want to get more involved in this after quarantine? Any tips for shoots?
FC: I would suggest getting committed! Book a date with the photographer far enough out that hopefully it doesn’t get cancelled. Use this time to work on your story boards plan and practice those styles on mannequins. There’s lots of photographers out there that want to do creative shoots--reach out to them on Instagram.  

If I want three great shots, I better shoot five--not every single photo will look like a cover. Pick strong models. I’m constantly failing not every look you decide to create turns out! Think about every photo that’s taken and consider if it land on a cover. If you're shooting a collection, shoot even eye level. Make sure your creating a sense of depth. I generally try to create a timeless photos which is more often working with cleaner backgrounds. Also prepping is key: I recommend to prep at home and the day of a shoot. 


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