Protection Guards Can Help Clients Feel Safer
Protection Guards Can Help Clients Feel Safer

Elation Factory manufacturer of custom acrylic products, has reallocated all manufacturing capacity to bring to market Employee/Customer Protection Guards— a customizable cough screen and sneeze guard virus-barrier solution. Guards are designed to protect employees and customers from airborne, virus-containing droplets. The screens come in both standard and fully customizable sizes. As businesses begins to reopen, it is extremely important to protect employees and customers. By adding a guard to a salon, business owners are taking a proactive approach to helping reduce person-to-person spread of the virus and creating a safer workplace.

Product highlights include:

  • Transparent coronavirus safety screen 
  • Solid transparent barrier to limit spread of germs  
  • Clear 1/4" acrylic provides ideal visibility and safety 
  • Pass-through window  
  • 2 slotted support feet included
  • Lightweight & portable (weighs only 4.4lbs)
  • Uninterrupted sightline protection from airborne droplets 
  • Variety of sizes to fit all desks, countertops, workstations and tables  
  • Easy to clean with soap and water
  • Ships with protective mask to prevent scratching
  • Easy assembly, remove masking, feet slot directly into panel, no tools needs
  • Available in both standard and customized sizes 

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Originally posted on NAILS Magazine