A Message to the Salon Industry
A Message to the Salon Industry

With millions of followers across three different media brands, we at MODERN SALON, Salon Today, and NAILS, do not take our responsibility lightly. That’s why, for the past week, we have been listening, observing, honoring, and conversing.

Do not mistake our reflection for inaction. We believe that action without authenticity and sustainability is futile and disrespectful. Our continued actions from this point forward will not be inauthentic, nor will we dishonor the Black community that seeks permanent change with temporary improvements.

That being said, the time for us to speak is NOW.
•    We are ready to unite
•    We are ready to empower
•    We are ready to honor
•    We are ready to elevate
•    We are ready to serve

We at MODERN SALON, Salon Today, and NAILS, commit to further being the change that we want to see in the world and within our industry:
•    We have never, and will never, condone racism in any form
•    We have never, and will never, condone sexism, exclusion, belittlement, or purposeful alienation
•    We will continue to be allies to ALL those in our industry who provide exceptional customer service, produce awe-inspiring artistry, and elevate and mentor those professionals who are new or emerging within our industry
•    We will continue to celebrate the innate talents of ALL salon industry professionals, regardless of their race, creed, nationality, sexual orientation, or gender identity
•    We will continue to commit to even more proportionate coverage of varying hair types, techniques, and ethnicities of models represented within our media
•    We will further solicit, acknowledge, and ACT on feedback from ALL members of our community through surveys, focus groups, and editorial interviews, sharing the resulting information with our greater industry at large
•    We will form a diverse editorial advisory board and integrate their feedback for the continued improvement of our media vehicles
•    We will continue to serve YOU, the salon professional, no matter what your race, background, or socioeconomic standing, recognizing that ALL humans are worthy of accolade based on their proven capabilities

Our industry, as is our nation, is a beautiful tapestry, woven from the fabrics of varying races that would unravel without the continued strength and unity of the individual threads from which it is made.

May we at MODERN SALON, Salon Today, and NAILS, continue to be a spotlight on this reality and strengthen the bond that unites us, rather than ever contribute to anything that would divide us. You have our continued commitment to this.

We hear you. We see you. We serve you. We thank you.

- The Team at Bobit Business Media’s Beauty, Health & Wellness Division

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