Become a Texpert: Mizani Launches Texpert Academy
Become a Texpert: Mizani Launches Texpert Academy

Mizani, a leader in professional textured haircare and styling, announces the launch of the Mizani Texpert Academy. The Mizani Texpert Academy is a one-stop professional education destination to accrue the building blocks, services, and Texture EQ needed to become an expert in all things textured hair.

The need for Texture EQ has become critical, knowing 65% of consumers have textured hair.  The Mizani Texpert Academy’s mission is to create a comprehensive and accessible digital texture curriculum and classes that ensures salons and professionals are equipped to take on any texture that walks through their doors.

The Texpert Academy will allow new salons to get involved with texture and those who are already known for  texture to amplify their education amongst their stylists. The Academy offers a well-rounded menu of courses, that are grounded in the fundamentals of textured hair, services offered in the salon, and how to address texture in the editorial landscape.

The Academy is comprised of MIZANI’s leading Texpert Squad, a group Mizani educators who are texture trailblazers in their respective course offerings. These include Jamal Edmonds (@lamajbackwards), Tippi Shorter (@tippishorter) , Evie Johnson (@contactevie), Ashley Brown  (@ash_hairbarbie), Jada Jenkins (@jadajenkinsco), Al Campbell (@al_alexander), Kauilani Goodwyn (@kauigoodwyn), and Tiffany Green .

“I am proud of this Academy and the level of texture curriculum this brings to the artist community, we have seen this gap in high level texture education and listened to our salons and stylists as they voiced the need for it," says Mizani’s Head of Education, Kate Oeschsle. "I am thrilled to finally bring it to them in such an easy, economic, and digital first manner.”

 Tippi Shorter, Mizani Global Artistic Director, adds, “This launch is necessary in the professional learning space. Mizani has always been the leader in teaching stylists what the schools and other curriculums tend to leave out. I’m proud to be part of the foundational education for Texture."

Some offerings in the Academy include:Texture 411: Fundamentals, a comprehensive introduction course on texture basics, dos and don'ts of textured hair; Texture Types 8 to 1, The Language of Texture, a course that dives into  the importance of language and specific usage when dealing with guest in your chair; The Mizani Aircut, a wave, curl and coil cutting class that blends together the science of texture with innovate techniques that allow you to create sustainable cuts that can be recreated and; Color and Texture in Motion, a course that outlines firsthand how textured hair and color work together in tandem, plus gain proper color care knowledge.

More classes and offerings will be launching this year.  As Mizani looks into 2021 they plan on programming both digital and live Texture Education for greater reach. A certification for classes will be sent to the individual stylists and salons after each course has been completed.

Check out the Mizani Texpert Academy and reserve your spot. 




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