Mary Irwin, a makeup artist and one of the cofounders of The Makeup Standard

Mary Irwin, a makeup artist and one of the cofounders of The Makeup Standard

  • The National Scientist Volunteer Database (NSVD) has partnered with beauty industry professionals to formulate a set of science-backed sanitation guidelines to be followed during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The Makeup Artist Sanitation Standard was created out of the desire to elevate makeup artists best practices and gives clarity and confidence through its instructional information.
  • It is designed to be a resource not only for makeup artists, but also for production teams, models, agents, art directors, studios, retail environments, salons and more.

Scientists, virologists, epidemiologists, and surgeons from the The National Scientist Volunteer Database (NSVD) answered sanitation questions that were crowdsourced from the makeup community. These answers were used to create and support the Makeup Artist Sanitation Standard and Risk reduction guidelines - two documents that are currently hosted on The Makeup Standard website.

“While we are slowly transitioning ourselves back to our daily routine, the fight against the pandemic isn’t over. We need to make sure everyone who is going back to work understands that the risk of infection is still out there, and we are here to help with reducing that risk by providing scientifically backed information to people” said Dr. Vincent Law, who is the Testing sites database lead for the NSVD and one of the scientists involved in this collaboration. “After witnessing multiple companies using predatory marketing and the lack of industry guidance, we felt an ethical responsibility to urgently source scientifically backed information to present in a transparent and trustworthy way. Working with the NSVD was refreshing. They were incredibly supportive of our efforts and elevated the project to create the highest standards for makeup artists.” said Mary Irwin, a makeup artist and one of the cofounders of The Makeup Standard.

Lindsey Williams, the other cofounder echoed her sentiments when she said - “As a licensed cosmetologist I have noticed the consistent disparity of sanitation guidance in the beauty industry, specifically for makeup artists. With the COVID-19 crisis, it was alarming to see no authoritative sources providing guidance to combat the rising amount of misinformation circulating within the makeup community. After sharing our concerns and hearing their initial feedback, it was obvious the NSVD was the right group to partner with. Science and the beauty profession don’t always run in the same circles, and beauty professionals can often be dismissed in general. It was validating to be heard and have the NSVD’s enthusiasm to collaborate with us.”

The Makeup Standard

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