How-to Make Your Shoes More Comfortable, Fast


During COVID quarantines many of us have had our stilettos, strappy sandals and other fun footwear sitting idle in our closets. If you’ve tried to put them on recently you may find that they feel tight and pinchy. But it’s not you, it's the shoe! 

When you are wearing your shoes, the moisture from your feet tends to soften and stretch the leather so they become more comfortable. But, once you stop wearing the shoe (especially for 3-4 months), it will stiffen up and harden. 

Formé, a shoe shaper designed by a woman for women, can help break-in your shoes by gently expanding them to the stretch you need. Formé also helps your shoes hold their shape so they are more comfortable every time you put them on.

This device quickly and safely stretches and shapes any type of shoe, even high heels, up to 1/2 a size. This helps eliminate foot pain and discomfort caused by tightness, prevents shoe wrinkles/creases and helps to keep every pair looking like new.

Made from engineered resin and stainless steel, seven adjustment positions allow the user to control the amount of stretching force while the smooth wing design prevents overstretching and damage. Internal pivot points allow Formé to adapt and fit into any and every type of shoe.


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