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HOW TO Hide Roots for a Big Night Out

Maggie Mulhern | April 26, 2013 | 7:29 AM

Ali Tilton loved the model she selected for her ARTIST SESSION photo, but knew the powerful regrowth would not work with her finished look.

"We can either color the regrowth, make it part of the look or hide it," Tilton (AKA Alley Cat) said as she looked through the hair. "I love her face and I really want to focus on the not spend the time coloring it. While I LOVE how roots look now...I also want this photo to have some longevity. All that being said...I will create a finished style that covers much of the root and hide a lot of the regrowth with extensions."

It was brilliant. Tilton, Manager of the Bangs Salon in Dayton, Texas, grabbed some pre-colored extensions and placed them over the regrowth. For the finished look Tilton created a faux fringe to hide the hairline.

"It will look like she has fresh color," she says. "She will be able to hit the town in less than 30 minutes... and deal with her color at a later date. It's a win for both of us."

The finished look is stunning and will be revealed in a summer issue. In this one minute video Tilton shows HOW TO get this dimensional color and hide a color drama.

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