The Proper Prepping Process Before a Photoshoot

Lauren Salapatek | May 21, 2013 | 10:45 AM

The Proper Prepping Process Before a Photoshoot Creating beautiful color is at the heart and core of Goldwell Color Zoom, but prep work is essential. Once you have your model and your team, you need to make sure your work proceeds flawlessly.

Q. What advice do you have on staying organized and focused throughout the prep process BEFORE your shoot?

A: “Create a moodboard. Put color swatches and photos of inspiration together and try to align the colors with the swatches," says Celebrity Stylist Dimitrios Tsioumas. "Translate the inspiration of those colors and ideas into formulas and placement methods. Then formulate a concept. Doing this will help you edit down and make your style look more impactful. Putting all of your ideas on a mood board can be overwhelming, so just start to narrow it down to your favorites."

"People miss working out the color process and their system from start to finish on a mannequin head first. Get your vision in front of you and see how you can tweak and enhance it. On prep day, even before prepping the hair, make sure the hair’s integrity is there so you can get the best color brilliance in the end. Record the timing of all your steps in your process because photo shoot day is going to go fast. The cut should be done first, the color second. Do the color a day or two before; doing it a week ahead won’t give you the optimal color brilliance results."

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