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Team I.C.A.N.'s Next Generation Collection

Alison Alhamed | July 29, 2013 | 11:45 AM
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Kristin Bacaycay’s best advice from the Team I.C.A.N. experience is for stylists to take advantage of every opportunity presented. “Seek out competitions,” she says. “They help you remember why you joined this industry in the first place; they force you to get out there and see what else the world has to offer. They’re where it all starts. Then, and a mentor—a mentorship forces you out of your comfort zone, which leads to creativity.”
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“No matter what avenue you pursue, there is always a mentor not too far away,” says Team I.C.A.N. member Brenton Lee. “Someone will have information that you don’t have yet. As long as you’re willing to learn and be mentored, you’ll be able to take your career to the next level.”
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“Ultimately, your future is in your hands and the passion to succeed must be in your heart,” says Team I.C.A.N. mentor Fabio Sementilli, Wella’s Vice President of Education. “You have an opportunity to make a difference in this industry, travel the world, meet incredible people and earn a great salary while working in a positive, creative environment.
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“This opportunity really made me understand the concept of mentorship,” says Team I.C.A.N. mentor Diego Raviglione, a Wella Top Stylist. “A mentor doesn’t just teach skills. It’s about personifying the characteristics of a true professional and demonstrating what it is to be ethical. Integrity is number one in mentorship. Future leaders have to be able to look at the person who is guiding them and know they are an individual of character and substance. Everything a mentor does should be geared toward betterment of the team and the industry.”
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Team I.C.A.N.'s Next Generation Collection

Hair: Team I.C.A.N.
Mentors: Carole Protat, Fabio Sementilli, Diego Raviglione
Assisted by: Megan Newell
Photography: Michael Pool
Make-up: Eric Allen
Color: Wella Illumina

When five new stylists were brought together for serious mentoring by Wella, the Salon Professional Division of P&G, they got a look at how limitless a future can be with a career in beauty. Under the tutelage of Wella’s North American Director of Education Carole Protat, Vice President of Education Fabio Sementilli and top stylist Diego Raviglione, those five stylists have presented on stage at NAHA, participated in Wella’s Connect event, appeared on the cover of FIRST CHAIR magazine and, now, participated in an editorial photoshoot.

In The Next Generation Collection created by Team I.C.A.N. (which stands for Integrity, Courage, Ambition, Next), Katie Ann Woods, Brenton Lee, Kristin Bacaycay, Kathryn Hornick and Katey-Bug Browne demonstrate that it isn’t about hair today or the trends of tomorrow, it’s about seeing hair through the eyes of the next generation.

“That is the evolution of our industry,” says Protat, who says working with a mentor isn’t just for students or fledgling stylists. She became immersed in the inddemonstrate that it isn’t about hair today or the trends of tomorrow, it’s about seeing hair through the eyes of the next generation.ustry at the age of 19 working for Team Sebastian, and says she always had mentors— they’re imperative at every stage of your career.

“Your mentors will change and evolve as you move through different stages of your career,” says Protat. “I learn from Team I.C.A.N. every day. Seeing the way they work, the way they process information, how they interpret a technique—that freshness and those wide eyes inspire me.”

In this, The Next Generation Collection, Team I.C.A.N. was influenced by technology, beauty and fashion to revolutionize the salon experience and the world of hair.

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