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Second Hand Scissor Project Update

Maggie Mulhern | November 15, 2013 | 7:35 AM

The Second Hand Scissor Project, launched this summer at The North American Hairstyling Awards in Las Vegas, has been a resounding success. Founder Michael Baker created the "project" to help aspiring stylists to keep plugging away by using the shears and inspiration from master stylists. These "masters" donate their shears to be passed along to freshly minted stylists who have at least one year under their belts and are looking for that little "oomph" to get to the next level.

"We've given away 70 scissors to the 'next' masters," said Baker when MODERN met him recently at the Aveda Congress in Minneapolis. "I've seen so many hairdressers change their attitudes once they are handed a pair of these master scissors. They almost feel almost invincible."

The list of masters is quite impressive, including Horst, Ted Gibson, John Delari, Antoinette Beenders, Vivienne MacKinder and Christiaan.

For more information, go to:

Second Hand Scissor Project | Facebook

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