Trending for the New Year: Focus on Brunette Hair

Beth Minardi | January 15, 2014 | 10:35 AM
Beth Minardi

When people like Carrie Mulligan and Nicole Ritchie  "rewind" the hair from lighter shades..... back to brown, there is something in the air!  

Salon-created brunette is usually even more luxurious than the "natural"tone,  thanks to our ability to simultaneously lighten selected strands as we enrich or deepen others.  

Keep in mind that if you lowlight ash brown hair with a very deep copper or warm golden "demi" creme shade,  the result will NOT be bright red or golden.  instead,  you will infuse richer, slightly warmer reflection into the hair lengths.  

Trending for the New Year: Focus on Brunette Hair


STEP 1: I mix two or three bowls of product to perform this "better brown". 

STEP 2: I mix lightener (I like Joico Creme) into one bowl.  And, into the other bowls,  I mix varying shades of demi creme warm brown or copper,level 4 or deeper.  I section in "zig zag" fashion as I wrap strands,tarting at the nape.. and working up through the hair.  

STEP 3: After processing the hair until the bleached strands transform to gold,  I glaze the hair with a level 8GN liquid demi solution.  This creates that "super star" look so many clients are asking for.  Sandra Bullock, Eva Longoria,  Sophia Vegara. Kerry Washington... and so many other top celebs "get it"...  while brunette is not the answer for everyone, it can make an incredible statement.

Let 2014 be the year that YOUR salon color shines....  and let beautiful brown be just one of the gorgeous tones your create!  

Trending for the New Year: Focus on Brunette Hair


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