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Salon Hair Color Grows 3 Percent in a Recession

Laurel Nelson | July 10, 2011 | 10:33 PM
The 2009 Professional Salon Haircolor Study shows U.S. salon hair color growth at 3 percent, even in a down economy. All salon hair care growth was only 1 percent overall. However, salon hair color is the fastest growing large-product category with 3-percent growth in 2009.

Growth comes mainly from price increases and in demi/semi permanents and permanents. Hair color services also grow by 3 percent, in spite of the major recession, which caused a slowdown in the frequency of salon visits and demands for hair color services.

Some of the major findings detailed in the Professional Salon Haircolor Study—2009 are:

• Hair color will stage a big comeback and is projected to grow to mid-single digits by 2014.
• Salon industry distribution realignments continue to limit growth of all hair color companies.
• Hair color remains an “Axis Service” that buoys other salon services and hair care products.
• Salon hair color services grow 3 percent, led by booth rentals taking share from leading salon chains.
• Demi and semi permanents register much higher growth than the overall category.
• Permanents grow at a lower rate than past rates. Growth is around category rate indicating a new trend.
• Crèmes and gels now well surpass liquid hair color sales in the USA, for a major paradigm shift.
• Major, unique, new products and line extensions in 2009-2010 are covered.
• Current hair color shade palette activity and latest hair color style trends from top U.S. master colorists.
• Hot, current, hair style and hair color trends and their market impact.
• Future U.S. market hair color product needs as indicated by master colorists and leading salons and chains.

Electronic copies are now available for immediate transmission and hardcopies are couriered.

For purchasing information, pricing or questions regarding the 2009 Professional Salon Industry Haircolor Study, please contact Cyrus Bulsara, President - Professional Consultants & Resources, via e-mail at: [email protected] or visit

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