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YES! Girls With Curls Still Need a Curling Iron!

Maggie Mulhern | June 7, 2012 | 6:58 AM

The Amika booth at the Premiere Show in Orlando, Florida was one of the busiest areas on the show floor. While a lot of the "action" surrounded the beautiful and colorful irons and blow dryers scattered around the space, it was the demonstations that created the buzz.

Brittany Moshe, a gorgeous Amika Stylist, was on hand for demonstations and found that she was curling as many curly heads as she was their "straighter" sisters. "Naturally curly hair can still benefit from curling irons," she says. "Sometimes there will be an unruly shape or non co-operating curl among an otherwise beautiful finish. A curling iron can offer the right curl in the right size at the right place."

Brittany grabbed the Midnight Black 13mm Tourmaline Curler from her tool display and went to work on naturally curly Sharlene Wilson. The handful of rogue curls were "addressed" within minutes leaving Sharlene with a head filled with perfectly cascading ringlets. "And we all know they don't have to be uniform," adds Brittany. "This hair would equally gorgeous by mixing up the sizes and shapes of the curl. It's all about controlling the shape."

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