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Anne Moratto | June 28, 2012 | 1:52 PM
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Sherry Ratay's "Blonde"
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Sherry Ratay's "Red"
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Sherry Ratay's Salon Ratay in Central Florida conducts a photo shoot every two years to showcase its talented team and beautiful color work.  Collection photos serve as consultation tools for illustrating hair color needs, likes and results.  The photos are created "the Ratay way"with work done by Ratay junior colorists, salon designers and with clients serving as models.  The photos are on display throughout Salon Ratay as evidence of the quality work coming out of Team Ratay.  "There is no fake or phony work," says Ratay.  "Each collection showcases the Ratay brand and the quality that stands behind it."


A video shoot called "Hues of Natural Perfection" is a second component of distributing the collection. It featured a rich red and a beachy blonde and Ratay shares the formula for these two looks:


Red-"Natural level 3. I first began a retouch application with L’Oreal INOA 16 grams of 4.26, 40 grams of Oleo gel, and 60 grams of 20 volume. Mixing a fresh mixture of L’Oreal INOA 16 grams of 4.26, 40 grams of Oleo gel, and 60 grams of 30 volume, applying to mid-lengths of the hair, leaving out the ends.  I began in the nape area, alternating L’Oreal Platinium Non Ammonia with 30 volume and Wella Color Touch 3.66 and 5.4 with 1.9%. I then created a bounce bang with L’Oreal Platinium Non Ammonia with 30 volume, lifting to an Orange/Yellow stage, cleansed and dried.  Glazed the entire head with Wella Color Touch 7/43 and 0/45 mixed with 1.9%, 10 minutes with heat and cooled for an additional 5 minutes.  Cleansed and styled."


Blonde-"Natural level 5 in the back and nape, and floating to a natural level 7-8 in the front frame.  I first began with using Joico Base Breaker and 20 volume developer for 10 minutes, cleansed and dried.  Saturated the hair with Minardi Pre-Wash and put under heat for 10 minutes.  Cleansed and dried.  I began in the nape area alternating Vero-lights with 20 volume and Joico Chrome B7 with activator, looking to see where I needed to enhance or erase.  Working around the front hairline I created more light running through by doing a few that were back-to-back slices and utilizing my low-lite formula within.  I lifted to a pale yellow, cleansed dried.  Glazed the entire head with 1oz of G9, 1oz of clear, and activator, processed for 10 minutes.  Cleansed and styled."

To learn more about Sherry Ratay--educator, stylist and salon owner--and her work, visit:

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