Avoiding the Dreaded “Broom Effect”

Valeria Fanelli | August 7, 2012 | 10:11 AM

 After swimming regularly 2-3 times per week for about a year, my body is very toned, but my hair is losing all signs of vitality and shine. I tried many products, but haven’t had success in restoring my hair’s health. I do not expect my hair to be magically soft and silky after so much exposure to chlorine. But I do want it to be smooth and hopefully appear less damaged.

I have always been a swimmer—therefore, my hair always looks like it’s been exposed to harmful chemicals. I don’t want to be dramatic, but when my dark/light brown hair gets exposed to bad agents like chlorine or UV rays from the sun, my hair turns into an “old broom.”

After I almost lost any hope in keeping my hair decently healthy, I had the opportunity to try the new keratin-infused products by Diora. My “rescue-kit” included: Keratin-infused moisture shampoo, conditioner, a deep conditioning masque, and leave-in conditioner spray. I was impressed when I tried the shampoo and conditioner, but just shampoo and conditioner was not enough to save my hair from the “broom effect.” I needed something to restore and protect my hair from all the stress caused by swimming. It is mathematical: When you enter to the pool, the bad agents attack your hair no matter what, and it is necessary to use some kind of protector.

When I sprayed the keratin-infused leave-in conditioner spray, I felt like my hair was not just protected: it was getting softer and easier to work with. The spray helped it to achieve that smoothness I wanted to keep. I felt like it was working on my hair, while I was swimming.

Here is how you use Diora’s Leave-In conditioning spray.

Step 1: Apply to hair before swimming in the pool or ocean.

Step 2: Spray throughout hair.

Step 3: Apply to damp hair before blow drying or styling, spray throughout mid-lengths to ends.

Step 4: Style as desired.

The “broom effect” is gone for now! And I have every intention of keeping it that way. And, voila! It’s that easy.

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