HOW-TO: A New Twist on a Deconstructed Fishtail Braid

Lauren Salapatek | April 10, 2015 | 9:38 AM
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Warmer weather makes us think of braids! To kick off spring, MODERN brings to you this braid we spotted on Instagram. This new twist on a classic fishtail braid is just what we needed to see! Here, hair educator and blogger of Confessions of a Hairstylist Jenny Strebe  (@theconfessionsofahairstylist) provides us with the steps on how to achieve this bohemian, chic look.

STEP 1: Start on pre-wavy hair for a bit more texture and boho appearance. 

STEP 2: Section out a large 2-3 inch section, (depending on hair density) around the hairline from the center parting. You now want to do a inside out braiding technique by sub-sectioning inside your section in three sections.

STEP 3: Take the section on the right and cross under the middle section to where this is your new middle. Now take your left section and cross under into the middle.

STEP 4: You now want to attach hair as you work your braid down by taking a small section of hair from the right, adding to your right section and crossing this whole section under into the middle. Repeat this same technique in the opposite side but working it left to middle.

STEP 5: Continue this technique working your sections towards the back and disregarding the hair a few inches above the ear so that you can have some hair down. 

STEP 6: Once you get below the crown secure with an elastic.

STEP 7: Repeat this same thing on the opposite side. Once both sides are braided, connect the two in the middle by securing an elastic band. 

STEP 8: Wrap a piece of hair around the elastic band to give it a finished look. 

STEP 9: Now you want to create a twisted fishtail by splitting the hair in half. Take a small section of hair from the right and cross over to the left. Now take a small piece of hair from the left and cross over to the right.

STEP 10: Now you want to create you twisted edge by taking a small section of hair from your right and leave it out and not incorporating it to the other side. Do the same thing on the opposite side.

STEP 11: Do one normal pass of hair on both sides disregarding your left out pieces. So you take a small section of hair from right side section cross over to left and vice versa.

STEP 12: Now you want to incorporate your twisted edge by taking a small piece of hair from the right and trade it with the left out section going underneath. Do the same thing on the opposite side. 

STEP 13: Repeat this process with doing one normal pass of hair and then your twisted edge section left out. Stop where you see fit and wrap a piece of hair around an elastic. 

STEP 14: Repeat the twisted edge on one more section. Spray with hair spray as needed. 


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