How-To: Brassy to Dimensional Curls

Maggie Mulhern | June 8, 2015 | 6:27 AM

Rachael Urrico (@Rachael_Devacurl) of Devachan Salon, NYC, met with a new client who from out of town.

"She had her hair previously colored, which she felt was too brassy with no dimension," Urrico says. "Our goal was to lighten her hair with some pintura highlights and to add some lowlights. We also wanted to create dimension and tone down some of the brassy feel all while maintaining the quality of her curls."

Get the look: Dimensional curls

STEP 1: Highlight using Schwarzkopf Igora Vario Blonde w/ 40 vol Blue developer.
STEP 2: Lowlight with Aloxxi Tones 9A + 8NA w/ 7 vol developer.
STEP 3: Process for 25 minutes under low heat.
STEP 4: Rinse and cleanse with Devacurl No-poo  (sulfate-free)
STEP 5: At the sink, on wet hair, apply Aloxxi Tones 10A + CL (clear) w/ 7 vol developer to the roots and midshaft first (3 minutes) then emulsify through the ends for the last 2 minutes.

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