HOW-TO: 'Contoured' Lavender Color and Style

Jamie Newman | August 28, 2015 | 9:57 AM
Client Before; with 2-week-old faded lavender
Photo By Meganlacy Sullivan Photo 1 of 4
After with braid
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More views of the braid and color
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Another style after
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Stylist Meganlacy Sullivan's (@meganlacydoeshair) guest came in with faded lavender color from two months ago. The client wanted to stick with the lavender family, but wanted something that would take it up a notch and make her color really stand out.

"Contouring is everything in makeup right now, and it appears in what I do through balayage," Sullivan said. "My client's hair is curly/wavy 90 percent of the time, so I wanted to enhance her curls. I gave them intrest with contour using horizontal balayage with similar colors. Even when her hair is straight, the color looks like a gorgeous melt."

To Color:

Formula A:  Wella Innosense .5oz 55/66+.5oz 77/44+.25oz /65+20vol
Formula B:  1.25oz Instamatic Pink Dream + .25 oz /56 ColorTouch+ 13 vol
Formula C: 1.5 oz Instamatic Smokey Amethyst+ 1.25 oz Muted Mauve+ .25oz /68 ColorTouch + 13 vol
Formula D: 1.5oz Instamatic Smokey Amethyst+ .5oz 8/81 ColorTouch+13vol

STEP 1: Starting was natual level 8 and previously lightented hair. Using Formula A, for a rich purple root area, cover 1-2" of root and paint in some low lights as you go to balayage in reverse, creating depth. 
STEP 2: Process 25 minutes, shampoo, rinse, rough dry.
STEP 3: Paint hair with Formula B-D using blended horizontal stripes varying between 1-3" in thickness (like a racoon tail blended). This creates a subtle contour to her curls and a beautiful opalescent color melt when straight.
STEP 4: Process for 25 minutes, rinse, apply Wella's Service for five minutes, and rinse.

To Style:
: "Prep with EIMI's Body Crafter and Velvet Amplifier to tame fluff while maintaining volume. Rough dry (the Bio Ionic 10x is my fave) til 85 percent dry and apply sugar lift and round brush to achieve a soft wave." 
STEP 2: Evenly distribute a small amount of Rugged Fix through the hair, starting at the ends, brush through. Barrel curl with a 1" Stylewinder and let cool. Lightly tease with fingers.

"I wanted to play with differest styles that I've been seeing lately, so i decided to combine my two favorite braids into one," Sullivan said.
STEP 1: Take a small section from the temple area of either side of the head, tie the two pieces together (like a shoe lace), and combine the two pieces together.  The knot will drift to one side, take a section from the opposite side, tie, and combine. Repete this till you reach the occipital area.  
STEP 2: Split the hair in half and fishtale the remaining hair loosley.  Tease the ends to secure with out a hair tie.  Go through pancaking out the braid to exagerate the texture.



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