Holiday: Shimmering Beauty

Lauren Salapatek | September 16, 2015 | 9:42 AM
Bed Head Holiday Hair by TIGI
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Because You're Bold by Paul Mitchell: Step 1
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Because You're Bold by Paul Mitchell: Step 2
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Because You're Bold by Paul Mitchell: Step 3
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Because You're Bold by Paul Mitchell: Step 4
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Because You're Bold by Paul Mitchell: Finished Look
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CHI Tea Tree Oil Shampoo Massaging Service: Hair: Patrick Kalle, Richard Jordan, Maurice den Exter, Rocky Vitelli; Make up: Juliette den Ouden; Styling: Esther Hopstaken
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Bohemian Chic by Obliphica: Step 1
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Bohemian Chic by Obliphica: Step 2
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Bohemian Chic by Obliphica: Step 3
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Bohemian Chic by Obliphica: Step 4
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Bohemian Chic by Obliphica: Finished Look
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Holiday High Bun by Schwarzkopf Professional
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Impress guests with these techniques for high-fashion holiday hair.

Marrakesh Smooth by Marrakesh

  1. Prepare hair with Marrakesh Kahm Smoothing Shampoo & Conditioner, followed by Marrakesh original fra-grance X-leave-in Detangler.
  2. Apply a quarter’s worth of Kahm Smoothing Treatment, and dry smoothly with a flat brush and blow dryer. No flat iron is necessary.
  3. Add Marrakesh Oil.
  4. Tell clients: Kahm Smoothing Treat-ment reduces blow dry time and delivers straight hair without the commitment of a permanent smoothing treatment.

Bed Head Holiday Hair by TIGI

  1. Prepare hair with Bed Head by TIGI Colour Goddess Shampoo and Conditioner, and blot dry with a towel.
  2. Apply TIGI Bed Head After Party from mid-lengths to ends, work-ing with the flow of the hair.
  3. Blow-dry the hair. Once hair is dry, use a medium round brush to create volume and smooth out frizz. Work section by section, and pull upward to create intense volume. For greater volume, spray TIGI Queen For A Day.
  4. Finish with TIGI Bed Head Hard Head Hairspray.

Because You're Bold by Paul Mitchell

  1. Prepare the hair with Extra-Body Daily Shampoo and Extra-Body Daily. Rinse. Apply Fast Form to dry hair and brush through evenly with the 413 Sculpting Brush. Starting in the nape, smooth the mid-shaft and ends of the hair using a large Express Ion Round and an Express Ion Dry Turbolight. Continue through the top. Create a ponytail holder using two elastics fastened together, and place a bobby pin on each end. Gather all the hair to the top front of the head and create a ponytail by inserting one of the bobby pins at the base and wrapping the elastic around the po-nytail base, securing it with the other bobby pin. Spray with Extra-Body Finishing Spray.
  2. Apply a doughnut-shaped padding to the top of the head in front of the ponytail, and secure with large bobby pins at the base. Pull the ponytail through the center of the padding. Divide the tail into multiple sections starting at the outside, and secure with clips to completely cover the padding. Back brush the sections if necessary and smooth over the padding.
  3. Criss-Cross the bottom sections, and spray with Extra-Body Finishing Spray.
  4. On the top section, gently pull out random pieces. Continue to cover the padding with the remaining sections. Back brush any remaining ends and spray.

Hair: Paul Mitchell Artistic Team
Makeup: Iris Moreau
Photographer: Kate Powers
Wardrobe: Deborah Waknin

CHI Tea Tree Oil Shampoo Massaging Service by Farouk

  1. Apply CHI Tea Tree Oil Shampoo throughout wet hair.
  2. Placing one hand on top of the scalp to support the head, press the pressure point in the nape with your fingers for 5 seconds.
  3. Taking care not to lose hand contact with the head, press the three pressure points on top of the head for 5 seconds with the your points of fingers.
  4. Massage the scalp with your fingers in a rotating movement from fringe to nape.
  5. (Optional.) Massage the scalp with your fingers in a zig zag movement from fringe to nape, press the pressure points in the nape with your fingers for 5 sec-onds and massage the pressure points at the sides of the head with flat hands and closed fingers for 5 seconds.
  6. Massage the scalp with your fingertips as if you’re playing the piano, and then gently release hands from scalp to let the client know that the massage is com-ing to an end.
  7. Let the water rinse off the shampoo, without touching the head with your fingers or hands. Move the water stream from left to right over the head and from fringe to nape area.
  8. Tell clients: You also can offer the Tea Tree Revitalizing Masque Treatment and Soothing Scalp Treatment.

Bohemian Chic by Obliphica

  1. After prepping hair with Obliphica Professional Seaberry Shampoo and Seaberry Conditioner for medium to coarse hair, work Seaberry Styling Cream through hair midshaft to ends and blow-dry. Apply 1 drop of Seaberry Serum for medium to coarse hair to your hands and apply quickly to the hair, gradually adding drops as needed. Part off a triangular section on the crown, curl that hair with a curling iron and secure with clips to create volume. On each side, part a 1- to 2-inch diagonal section from the front to the top of the ear and let it hang loose. Taking a concave section from ear to ear, pull it into a high ponytail in the center back. With the remaining hair, secure a ponytail on the lower right side of the neck.
  2. Apply Seaberry Shine Spray to your hands and work throughout the hair. Comb the lateral loose sections of hair to the back along a diagonal line; then wrap the hair around the elastic band of the lower ponytail and secure it. Take a fine section of hair from the upper ponytail, wrap it around the elastic band and secure it. Curl the ponytails with a medium to large size iron, wrapping the hair around the iron instead of curling from the end of strand.
  3. Release the pins from the section in the crown and divide the hair into an anterior and a posterior sec-tion. Comb the posterior section back, maintaining the wave movement and twisting it with the upper ponytail. Comb the anterior section back, maintain-ing the volume and creating texture.
  4. Divide the lower ponytail into 3 sections and create an irregular braid. Twist the remaining hair from the upper ponytail around the upper portion of the braid.

Holiday High Bun by Schwarzkopf Professional

  1. Mist the hair with OSiS+ Elastic lightweight hairspray. Use your hands to create texture.
  2. Put a little OSiS+ Thrill on the ends of your fingers and drag through the ends of the hair. With the dryer on cool, twist the hair with your fingers.
  3. Pull all of the hair to the high point of the head, and secure with a hook elastic.
  4. Create a very loose, three-strand braid, and pull the braid apart to let some pieces fall out.
  5. Wrap the braid and secure the ends into the original hook elastic. Secure other areas with bobby pins.
  6. Push through the Schwarzkopf gold chain that comes with the Holiday Kit, and secure with a few hairpins. Mist Elastic over entire head.


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