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Why Men Make Great Clients and How-To Tips

Anne Moratto | January 29, 2016 | 9:37 AM

At the end of 2015, something hot was just getting started at Sport Clips headquarters in Austin, TX.  The newly-created Sport Clips Artistic Team, a select group of talented stylists who share technique, tips and inspiration on stages and in salons across the country, gathered to create a Sports Clips Collection of men’s cuts and styles. They were mentored by Expert Cutter Julian Perlingiero and guided by Sport Clips Senior Director of Career Opportunities Julie Vargas and Sport Clips Director of Technical Education Mary Carter. 

The final looks are still to come--stay tuned!--but these interviews on set give a sneak peek into the process.

With Sport Clips Coach Krystle Sierras and Expert Cutter Julian Perlingiero

Sport Clips Coach Erin Burton gives her how-to tips for this classically handsome cut.

Sport Clips Coach Ashlee Pierce-Merriweather talks about the style she created on her model during a photo shoot.

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