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How-to: Joe Jonas' Oil Slick Color

Jamie Newman | March 2, 2016 | 10:45 AM
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DNCE frontman Joe Jonas has been experimenting with haircolor over the past few months, but one of our favorite looks of his was with dimensional, multicolor oil slick, contrasting his dark locks. 


The color team at Z-One Concept would reinterpret Jonas’ rainbow color by pre-lightening to level 10 using LIGH(10) Tonalizing Conditioning Powder lightener with 20 Volume. Using Milk Shake ‘Smoothies’ Conditioning Semi Permanent Color, combine equal parts 3N + Anthracite + Activating Emulsion. Apply below parietal. Above parietal, apply same 1 inch from scalp. Using diagonal slices, apply Milk Shake Conditioning Direct Color in an alternate pattern: scalp to 1 inch out; violet + few drops clear; mids to ends, pink; scalp to 1 inch out, violet + few drops of clear; mids to ends, 3 parts yellow + 1 part blue + 2 drops gray.

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