Watch: Bellus Academy Video Says Follow Your Beauty Career Dream

Anne Moratto | June 1, 2016 | 8:54 AM

Lynelle Lynch, the president of Bellus Academy, a leader in beauty school education, recently introduced a new video created by Bellus that celebrates those who heard beauty calling them at a young age.  

"Success begins with a dream, followed by a decision to pursue that dream," Lynch says. "At Bellus Academy, we’re inspired on a daily basis by the dreams of our students’, staff and alumni. Often, when we ask a student why they enrolled, their first response is, 'because I’ve always dreamed of doing this.' To celebrate the courage, perseverance and success of those who dream of joining the beauty and wellness industry, Bellus Academy has created a short video showcasing children pursuing their dreams of working in an industry that is all about helping others look and feel better."

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