HOW-TO: Flash Sunkiss Hair Color by L'Oreal Professionnel

Lauren Salapatek | July 11, 2016 | 7:47 AM
L’Oreal Professionnel’s Flash Sunkiss
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Now there is a quick and easy way to lighten your client’s hair, giving them the ultimate sun-kissed, beachy look that’s perfect for low-maintenance girls this summer.

L’Oreal Professionnel’s Flash Sunkiss is a subtle lightening service that lightens haircolor, adds warmth to hair in 10-20 minutes and provides up to three levels of lightening. To achieve this effect, the service uses L’Oreal’s Sunkissed Lightening Oil, an ammonia-free, gel-textured product and an oxidant crème that’s safe for every hair type, both colored and natural.

The service mimics the effect the sun has on your hair after you get back from a long vacation, the lighter and darker strands blend together to create a natural, dimensional effect.

According to L’Oreal Professionnel Artist Nancy Braun, the technique is perfect for blondes, but it's universal, so it can be achieved on a brunette or redhead as well.

"There is not a lot of maintenance with this look because, since it doesn't require a base color, it will grow in very gracefully," Braun says. "Your clients can get their hair done every three months or every six months, depending on the amount of brightness they want."

Braun says in this case the more sun the hair gets, the better it looks. With Flash Sunkiss, maintenance is minimal. “Recommend hydrating products, deep conditioners, and oils and be sure to advise your clients to take extra steps to protect their hair when they go swimming since chlorine can be extra-drying,” says Braun. “After the service, recommend Série Expert Lumino Contrast shampoo which helps to remove all residue from the lightening service and keeps hair conditioned.”

Follow the how-to steps below in order to give your clients the sun-kissed look they crave this summer!


FORMULA 1: 1 oz. Blond Studio Sunkissed Lightening Oil + with 2 oz. 30-vol. Majicrème Developer


• On towel-dried hair, divide the hair into quadrants at the shampoo sink. (Fig. A-B)


• Apply Formula 1 as a global application on the mid-lengths and ends, using an applicator bottle to apply.

• After approximately 5-10 minutes has passed (time determined by your desired end result) apply Formula 1 as a global application retouch.

• Process up to 30 minutes to your desired level of lift.


• Recommended processing time for two levels of lift is 30 minutes, one level of lift 15-20 minutes, and five minutes to shift the natural base.

• Use an applicator bottle for speed and precision when applying Blond Studio Sunkissed Lightening Oil at the sink.


1. Wet, emulsify, rinse and shampoo twice with L’Oréal Professionnel Post Color Shampoo.

2. Condition and lock in the color with Série Expert Powerdose Color A·OX in-salon treatment.

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